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And now it’s Mykelti Brown’s turn to talk about her father.

For many weeks now, Gwendlyn Brown has mostly been bad-mouthing Kody Brown, saying he’s bad with money and trashing him as a manipulator of women.

As for Mykelti? The 26-year old daughter of Kody and Christine?

She has less harsh things to say about Kody, but she does have something important to reveal.

Both Mykelti and her husband, Tony, said via the couple’s joint Patreon account on April 24 that they doubt Kody will bring another woman into his household.

The Sister Wives lead has lost Christine, Meri and Janelle over the past year-plus; as all three women finally realized how much better off they are without their spiritual spouse.

It’s therefore been a common question for fans to wonder whether Kody and Robyn Brown will be monogamous moving forward…

… or if they’ll look to add yet another partner.

Kody and Robyn Brown don’t look especially thrilled to be sitting and talking to the Sister Wives camera here, do they?

“My dad and my moms aren’t really part of the religion anymore either,” Mykelti explained.

“The religion we grew up with, the Apostolic United Brethren, [is] where the polygamy base of faith and Mormonism kind of came from.

“They’re not active in the church and they’re not active in that religion or their beliefs in that church.”

For his part, Kody previously said that he and Robyn were basically monogamous at this point.

Kody legally exchanged vows Meri Brown in April 1990 before entering into spiritual unions with Janelle Brown and Christine a number of years later.

The father of 17 starting courting Robyn Brown in 2014 and ultimately divorced Meri in order to lawfully wed Robyn and adopt her three children from a previous relationship.

Got all that?

It can be rather confusing.

“Robyn and I are basically monogamous,” Kody said in a Cameo video that he filmed for a fan this spring, which later circulated on TikTok.

“Don’t let that out, that’s probably a spoiler, but it seems obvious with the new season coming.”

Indeed, Sister Wives Season 18 is very much on tap.

It will look very different than past seasons, however.

Sister Wives families have been on quite the journey with these five.

Christine, meanwhile, recently got engaged to David Woolley.

She’s pretty darn excited about it, too.

“We don’t always get second chances in life, I’m blessed to have found mine,” the mother of six wrote as an Instagram caption last week, adding:

“To have found my happily ever after. It’s time to plan a wedding!!!”

Brown went on to ask for some help in this romantic matter.

“I’m asking for any Utah locals for help, our wedding cake, flowers, more and most importantly my WEDDING DRESS,” Christine wrote.

“Please reach out and DM me your info if you’re a Utah Local designer, artist, or owner and can help me with my wedding. @david__woolley so excited to plan this blessed day with my by my side.”

Going hashtag crazy, the mother of six added:

#weddingseason #gettinghitched #imgettingmarried #blessedlife ##letsfindmyperfectdress #sayyes #secondchances