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Earlier this year, Olivia Hopkins accused Kelly Brown of “choke-slamming” her during an argument while she was working.

Though a text message from Kelly appeared to show his confession to doing so while confirming his breakup with Molly, he publicly denied attacking his ex’s daughter.

Now, police are declining to prosecute Kelly, citing insufficient evidence.

Molly’s ex-bestie Cynthia Decker recently teamed up with Kelly. Now, the woman who may have played a role in the lack of evidence is shouting for joy.

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Authorities have dropped the case into Kelly Brown and are no longer pursuing assault charges against him over the alleged altercation.

Sometimes, a case like this ends because authorities found a new suspect, found evidence clearing the suspect, or because the victim dropped the charges.

In this case, police were apparently unable to find sufficient evidence that they could then turn over to a prosecutor to bring Kelly to trial and obtain a conviction.

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What evidence were police unable to obtain? We don’t know, exactly. It’s not like the local police department put out a thorough explanation.

However, we know that initial reports suggested that Cynthia Decker — one-time bestie of Molly Hopkins — might have a key piece of evidence.

The evidence in question? Security footage. Olivia was at her place of work, which is the lingerie business that Cynthia and Molly run. Reportedly, Cynthia may have been the only person with access to the security footage.

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Of course, that is not what Cynthia said.

At first, she simply reacted with anger that she was part of this dispute.

By the time that this fight went public, she and Molly had been on the outs for months. She seemingly did not wish any involvement in Olivia’s accusation against Kelly.

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Additionally, Cynthia would go on to claim that she was not the only one with access to the security system. She alleged that others did, too.

As for the footage or lack thereof itself, Cynthia explained that there was not any — despite the presence of a camera.

According to her, someone had disconnected the security camera in order to prevent her from monitoring the store while she was not there. Um … it sounds like there was a lot of drama in the buildup to Molly and Cynthia’s falling out.

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It is possible that the inactive camera recorded the scary, violent interaction that Olivia described. Or that it filmed the verbal, non-violent dispute that Kelly described.

Either way, it seems that neither party can prove what happened — or did not happen — if there is no recorded footage.

That means that Kelly is no longer facing charges. Which in turn means that Cynthia, his apparent newfound bestie, is in a celebratory mood.

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Cynthia Decker posed with her husband with Kelly Brown, her ex-best friend’s ex-boyfriend, in photos. Likely from a house party. Are they forming an alliance? (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“So happy your name is cleared @Kellykb2022,” Cynthia gloated on Instagram this week.

“There should be recourse for false police reports!” she suggested. Just to be clear, there’s a difference between dropping a charge due to a lack of evidence and learning that an accusation was “false.”

Cynthia added: “Especially when they included lies about me being a part of it when I wasn’t!”