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Late last year, Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker’s legendary friendship ended under mysterious circumstances.

They were so close that they were like sisters. And as a Pillow Talk duo, they were fan-favorites.

In a seemingly unrelated instance, Molly and ex-boyfriend Kelly Brown split after he allegedly choke-slammed her daughter.

But … are these unrelated? Because look who’s hanging out.

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Cynthia Decker posed with her husband with Kelly Brown, her ex-best friend’s ex-boyfriend, in photos. Likely from a house party. Are they forming an alliance? (Photo Credit: Instagram)

We’ll cut right to the chase: Cynthia Decker and Kelly Brown have been hanging out.

It has been months since the two of them both had their respective breakups with 90 Day Fiance alum Molly Hopkins.

We don’t know what this house party was all about. Maybe it was a coincidence that Cynthia and Kelly were both there. But posting it? That was a choice.

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And Cynthia’s caption on the Instagram post? That was also a choice.

“You got a friend in me!” she wrote, quoting the song from Toy Story, which she had set to play over her pics.

“Out of all the bulls–t, we have gained an amazing friend!” Cynthia then proclaimed.

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“We love you @kellykb2022,” Cynthia then wrote in her caption, tagging Kelly Brown.

She shared that “you are our friend for life!”

Cynthia then tagged her husband, the other person in the foreground of the picture, with “@stizzed_atl my hubby for being an amazing man.”

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A simple photo of the two of them, of Molly’s ex-bestie with her ex-boyfriend, would have sent a message.

But Cynthia’s caption truly doubles down. Almost unnecessarily. The caption doesn’t tell us any more than we could have inferred from the photo. And it feels like she did it just to make things painfully clear.

It kind of sounds like a declaration of war. Yes, we know that this sounds dramatic. But isn’t the whole situation already very, very dramatic?

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90 Day Fiance fans learned about Molly and Cynthia’s bitter parting long before they heard about her split with Kelly.

Though reports have made various (at times contradictory) claims, including an allegation that Molly did most of the work at their shared lingerie company, we don’t know the truth behind the end of this friendship.

Months later, Molly and Kelly’s breakup become public knowledge. That one, we know more about. Not everything, but probably enough.

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Oddly enough, Cynthia factors into the story. At least, one report claimed that she may have been a witness to a crime.

According to Olivia Hopkins, Molly’s young adult daughter, Kelly confronted her at work — her mom’s company — over some issue with her boyfriend.

The police report describes Kelly attacking Olivia. And a text message that he allegedly sent following his breakup with Molly read that he “choke-slammed” Olivia.

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90 Day Fiance alum Molly Hopkins poses beside her adult daughter, Olivia Wrynn Hopkins, in this Instagram photo.

But Cynthia wants no part in this. It is unclear whether she witnessed anything or not.

Now, it appears that she is Team Kelly.

Are they really forming an alliance to take down Molly in some capacity?

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We don’t know if this dramatic interpretation is the right one. But many fans have jumped to this conclusion, and it’s easy to see why.

Perhaps the two are interested in sabotaging Molly’s public image (even more than this mess has already). Or maybe it’s something more.

Either way, this seems to spell trouble.