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As you’ve likely heard by now, Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her third child.

To the delight of her fans, Joy has enjoyed sharing photos and updates as her pregnancy progresses.

And for the most part, her social media followers have been appreciative of her frequent posts.

But there’s at least person who’s probably not happy with the photos of Joy’s growing baby bump.

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Joy-Anna Duggar is front and center for this selfie, which she posted to Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

We’re talking, of course, about Joy’s ultra-conservative father, Jim Bob Duggar.

Now, Jim Bob is skeptical of social media in general — in fact, he used to prohibit his kids from joining Instagram of Facebook until after they’d found a suitable partner and gotten engaged.

Jim Bob’s fear, it seems, is that they would be seduced by non-evangelicals and wind up running away to join a demonic circus, or something.

Jim Bob Duggar is one seriously messed-up dude. (Photo via TLC)

We weren’t kidding when we called the guy ultra-conservative!

Anyway, these days it seems that Jim Bob has accepted that social media is a necessary evil of the modern age.

But that doesn’t mean he approves of the ways in which Joy has been using it.

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Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her third child. And fans think she’s secretly expecting twins! (Photo via Instagram)

You see, long ago, Jim Bob and Michelle devised a strict dress code for their daughters, and they’re reportedly angry that several of them have chosen to disregard it as adults.

Jinger was the first Duggar daughter to wear pants in defiance of her parents’ belief that women should only wear floor-length skirts.

And now, Joy has followed suit by proudly rocking jeans in her most recent selfie.

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Joy-Anna Duggar has been happily wearing “whatever” throughout her latest pregnancy. (Photo via Instagram)

Now, it doesn’t look as though Joy is making any sort of statement with this act of sartorial rebellion.

She’s just a pregnant woman who’s seeking to maximize comfort as she approaches her due date.

Joy explained that as she enters her third trimester, she’s wearing “whatever” will fit her “growing bump”

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Joy-Anna Duggar is doing whatever she wants on Instagram these days. (Photo via Instagram)

Based on the comments, it seems that Joy’s fans are enjoying her newfound freedom almost as much as she is.

As for any potential repercussions, we’re guessing Joy isn’t particularly worried.

There was a time, not all that long ago, when Jim Bob ruled over his children with an iron fist.

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have lost a considerable amount of weight. And fans are worried about their health. (Photo via Instagram)

But times change, and the patriarch’s power has diminished considerably in recent years.

This is partially a result of the Josh Duggar’s conviction on child pornography charges.

The revelation that Jim Bob’s eldest (and allegedly favorite) child grew up to be a predatory monster cost him a considerable amount of moral authority.

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Jim Bob and Josh were once partners in crime. (Photo via TLC)

But the main reason that JB isn’t as mighty as he used to be is that he’s not nearly as rich as he used to be.

The Duggar media empire is a thing of the past, and while Jim Bob might have money from other ventures, he’s reportedly spread pretty thin these days.

So Jim Bob isn’t able to buy his kids’ loyalty the way he used to.

And fortunately, Joy seems to be making the most of her newfound freedom!