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The upheaval in the Sister Wives world continues.

Earlier this month, we heard that Janelle Brown has left Kody. This wasn’t anonymous gossip, but came from the family itself.

But where, exactly, is she living?

Is Janelle still in her fifth wheel trailer?

For a couple of reasons, Janelle has been spending part of each year living in an RV.

Meri rents a Flagstaff house and famously owns her bed and breakfast in Utah. Christine owned her home in Flagstaff. She now owns a new house in Utah.

Janelle alone does not own land or a house of her own, making her the odd sister wife out. She, too, began renting in Flagstaff … until the landlord opted to sell.

Living in her current home has many upsides. The logistics of water, heat, waste, and electricity were not always fun.

And things were even less fun for her daughter, Savannah. Obviously. She did not want to live in a trailer full time.

But for Janelle, it was a worthwhile place to hunker down while planning to build on the Coyote Pass land with Kody and the other sister wives.

Kody Brown Premiere Pic
Kody Brown addresses his Sister Wives in this look at the Season 16 season premiere of the show.

For a while, that daunting wait has dominated the lives of those within this plural marriage.

They can’t build until they redraw the property lines. They cannot redraw the property lines until they pay off all of the land.

After so much waiting, well, it seems that the Coyote Pass dream has outlived one of Kody’s marriages. And perhaps more than one.

Christine Brown recalls the moment that she knew that her now 21-year-old daughter was not heterosexual while speaking to the confessional camera on Sister Wives. (Image Credit: TLC)

Late last year, Janelle and Savannah moved out of the RV and into an apartment.

You may remember how, early this year, we shared that Janelle was skipping Coyote Pass this summer.

Well, she has not moved back to the property.

Janelle began renting an apartment late last year. She even showed off her garden this summer.

Some have speculated that Janelle may still be renting in the Flagstaff area. it is also possible that she moved in with her son, Garrison.

He owns a four-bedroom house in Flagstaff. He purchased it earlier this year.

big janelle pic

But we can say with relative certainty that Janelle’s social media is not giving “living in the fifth-wheel trailer” vibes.

If Janelle’s recent Instagram Story post about premature Christmas decorations is any indicator, she’s in a stationary dwelling.

It could be an apartment, a house, a condo, or something similar. But the tree in this photo is not in a trailer or RV.

Janelle Brown took to Instagram to confess that she has decorated prematurely, while polling her fans and followers on their plans. (Image Credit: Instagram)

If we assume that Janelle was not using a stock photo of a decorated tree, things are looking cozy over there.

But she is not offering too many details. That is just fine. Maybe she’s waiting for good news before she shares.

Right now, fans believe that Christine may be helping Janelle find her footing as she, too, reportedly explores singledom.