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In first photos of the family since Garrison Brown’s death, the Sister Wives stars openly wept at a memorial service in his honor.

Garrison’s parents, all of this siblings, and the other mother figures in Garrison’s life gathered together to honor him at a special memorial service put on by the Nevada National Guard.

The photos are heartbreaking, but they at least show the unity of his family.

Garrison Brown Memorial Service: Photos Of Crying Family At the Service

In photos posted to the Nevada National Guard’s Facebook page on Monday March 25, Garrison’s parents Janelle and Kody Brown, are joined by Kody’s current wife Robyn as well as his other two ex wives, Robyn and Meri, and his grandmother.

Janelle is seated next to her son, Hunter Brown, followed by Kody’s mother, Genielle. To her right, sits Robyn and Kody. For whatever reason, Janelle and Kody did not sit together; he sat alongside David Woolley, Christine’s new husband, and Christine.

Meri can be see sitting across the front row aisle from Janelle, along with some of Garrison’s other brothers and sisters, including Mykelti and her husband Tony.

In fact, nearly all of the Kody’s 17 other children were in attendance of the special event in Las Vegas.

A Special Honor For Janelle

During the service, Garrison was remembered for his work as a Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard and a proud CAV Scout. In their dedication on Facebook, the Guard pointed out that Garrison “exemplified dedication to his country. He also had a caring nature, pursuing a career in nursing to help others.”

Janelle received the burial flag after soldiers performed the flag folding ceremony in Garrison’s honor.

In the obituary for Garrison by the guard, he was remembered as “a beloved son, brother, uncle, and friend, was born to Janelle and Kody Brown, and was the sixth child of a large family. He is survived by his family and three cats, Catthew, Patches, and Ms. Buttons.”

Garrison’s Family Funeral

According to an Instagram post shared by Garrison’s cousin, Emma, the funeral took place back on March 9, four days after the Sister Wives star committed suicide in Flagstaff, Arizona.

We’re told the whole family was there together too for the service and to say goodbye properly.