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You almost have to admire Farrah Abraham’s lack of self-awareness.

While the rest of us are walking around consumed by self-doubt, suffering from impostor syndrome, Farrah is f–king up left and right and wondering why she’s not even more rich and famous.

It’s this mentality that made Farrah an iconic (albeit widely-despised) reality star.

And it’s also the reason that Ms. Abraham continues to make tabloid headlines at least once a month for appallingly douchey behavior.

Farrah Abraham has had a lot of work done. (Photo via Instagram)

Case in point, back in September, Farrah started a fire in her Austin apartment complex.

According to police reports, Sophia’s mom nearly burned the place to the ground after knocking over a lit candle.

While most folks would have been consumed by guilt after such a destructive accident, Farrah proceeded to post a bunch of negative Yelp reviews in which she trashed the complex and its staff.

Farrah Abraham on a Podcast
Photo via YouTube/Howie Mandel Does Stuff

She’s since deleted the reviews — a possible indication that she’s planning to take legal action — but fortunately, the folks at Starcasm kept receipts.

“The staff does not do due diligence … The staff is not reliable … They do not care about residence schedules, timing or planning,” Farrah wrote in her first of two negative reviews.

“Cleaning and maintenance is horrible. At any moment it’s always ‘blame’ residence when they abide by lease,” Abraham continued.

Farrah Abraham Confessional Photo
Farrah Abraham stares into the camera here during an appearance on Teen Mom. (Photo via MTV)

“The clear lies, the purposeful lack of response and waiting over a month to fix things told “next day” complete is worse then I’ve ever witnessed.”

Farrah wrapped things up with an indignant tirade, writing:

“I wish this building all the best because it needs the best to upkeep the bones of the new building, the cleaning and support to residence needs an exceptional amount of training.

Farrah Abraham Gets Angry
Farrah Abraham has walked away from the Teen Mom universe. We won’t miss her at all. (Photo via MTV)

“No one should pay $$$$$.$$ monthly and be treated like this or disrespected in their home. 2022 lives by better work ethics, equality and inclusion then this building provides.”

Farrah didn’t offer any details with regard to how this is an equality and inclusion issue, but we’re sure she feels she doesn’t have to.

Just a few weeks later, Farrah wrote another scathing critique, this time calling out specific building staffers by name.

Farrah Abraham Snapshot
Farrah Abraham is front and center in this photo. She really is very annoying, isn’t she? (Photo via Instagram)

“I have to write another review, sad that Dominique from the building can’t manage a beautiful property nor be honest or respectful to top residence,” Farrah wrote.

“Hate crimes, discrimination and I’ve been ignored after demanding to speak with Dominique’s boss’s or owners of building, and legal team so she can stop taking the law into her own hands when she obstructs justice daily.”

In an epic display of chutzpah, Farrah — who almost burned the place down a few weeks earlier — ended by ranting about a lack of proper fire safety.

Farrah Abraham in Pigtails
We’re up close and personal here with Farrah Abraham and her braided pigtails. (Photo via Instagram)

“I’m awaiting this hideous mess to be fixed that was created by the maintenance team who have waited over a month to replace a fire sprinkler and is against code due to them signing off to fix this immediately,” she wrote.

“The building doesn’t have extra sprinkler heads? Can’t purchase another? Can’t Communicate but can create insurance fraud, mistreat people, lie, avoid, act out very passive aggressive and small minded.”

Farrah has moved three times in the past year, and in case you were wondering — yes, she review-bombed her previous two buildings, as well.

Farrah Abraham reunites

In fact, Farrah writes negative reviews of just about every business she encounters.

It’s a toxic habit, but we guess the owners should be happy that Farrah didn’t assault them, as she so often does with people who piss her off.