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Following her arrest and recorded meltdown early this year, Farrah Abraham was charged with battery.

Farrah denied the charge … as in, she publicly threatened to sue anyone who reported the charges for “defamation.”

It’s unclear how she expects to continue pretending that she was never charged, because she showed up to court.

Farrah entered a not guilty plea at her arraignment. She is also planning to sue the nightclub.

Farrah Abraham Confessional Photo
Farrah Abraham stares into the camera here during an appearance on Teen Mom.

On July 2, prosecutors filed the assault charges against Farrah Abraham. At the time, she denied it.

Then again, we’re talking about Farrah, who does seem to struggle with reading comprehension.

So who knows what she thought that In Touch Weekly said?

Last Thursday, Farrah pleaded not guilty at her arraignment.

She is charged with not only battery, but battery on a police officer/security officer.

As people heard in the multiple videos of Farrah’s detention and arrest, she was allegedly violent with club security.

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It is unclear whether this guilty plea means that she has revised the claims from her IG Story.

One also wonders how she plans to make her case, given video evidence, witnesses, and her existing criminal history.

However, Farrah is doing more than simply insisting that she is innocent of the battery charge.

Farrah Abraham on a Podcast
Photo via YouTube/Howie Mandel Does Stuff

Back in January, Farrah was held in what was technically a citizen’s arrest by a nightclub security guard.

She reportedly struck a member of the security team.

Videos at the time showed the guard detaining her explain to an apparently inebriated Farrah that she had been violent.

Farrah Abraham intense header

Farrah has insisted that she did not hit anyone.

She will return to court on September 2.

At that time, a pre-trial hearing will take place.

Farrah's Face in 2021
Farrah Abraham unveiled yet another new face on Instagram this week. And once again, fans were happy to point out to her that she’s gone a bit overboard with the cosmetic work.

Farrah’s attorney, Kia Feyzjou, is helping her fight these seemingly ironclad charges.

There is more to Farrah’s legal ambitions, however.

Farrah is accusing Grandmaster Records, the nightclub in question, of using “excessive force” against her.

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In fact, Feyzjou alleges that Farrah’s pre-arrest detention resulted in “significant physical, emotional, and mental injuries.”

That is to say, Farrah’s claiming that she was not belligerent and violent — but that club security was.

“In due time, we will absolve her of any and all criminal liability,” Feyzjou insisted.

Farrah Abraham Rap Photo
Yup. This really is a screen capture of Farrah Abraham rapping alongside her dressed up daughter.

The attorney vowed that he “will clear her arrest record pursuant to PC 851.8.”

“And,” Feyzjou then announced, “pursue civil damages to the max to deter future similar misconduct on others.”

This means that the goal is to clear Farrah’s name … and to suit the nightclub.

Farrah Abraham Deep in Thought
So many deep thoughts going on in the brain of Farrah Abraham. So many means of communicating them via Internet word salads.

Interestingly, it looks like Farrah is no longer working with Dario C. Gomez.As recently as early June, Gomez was releasing statements on her behalf.

It’s more than understandable that Farrah would have lawyer turnaround. Who would want to work with her?

Farrah Abraham Poses on a Boat
Farrah Abraham shook her doctored booty while wearing practically nothing and posed on a boat. No harm there … but why did she apparently do this in front of her daughter?

Meanwhile, Feyzjou seems to believe that the video evidence will exonerate Farrah and prove his case.

That is an interesting expectation, considering that so many of us viewed the same material.

Like, we’re not legal experts, but where exactly is the “excessive force” that Farrah claims took place?

There were multiple videos taken by witnesses.

The security guard in question calmly asked Farrah to chill out, asking that she not bite anyone else.

Meanwhile, some clips showed Farrah declaring that she is a “JD law student” … among other things.

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“You know why people fight hard in jail?! Sickos like you! Harassers like you!” she screamed.

Farrah then chanted: “Harassers like you! Harassers like you, to a single mom! AMEN!”

“I’ve already been calm. I already will be calm!” Farrah shrieked. “I will be more calm than anyone has ever been!” Sure.