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Well … okay then, Robyn Brown!

Following a number of Sister Wives episodes that centered on revealing conversations between Christine and Kody Brown — in regard to their surprising split, which took place in late 2021, back when these installments were filmed — this Sunday will bring Robyn into the picture.

Into the very personal and pointed picture, we should emphasize.

Robyn doesn’t exactly look enthralled in this photo from Season 17, does she?

As previously detailed via a sneak peek at the next all-new episode of the reality show, Robyn will call Christine out as a liar for her claim that she’s been unhappy as Kody’s spouse for years.

Now, in a clip posted by Entertainment Tonight, viewers are once again taken to a discussion between Robyn, Christine and Kody.

And, once again, we get to listen in on Robyn holding absolutely nothing back in her assessment of Christine’s decision to walk away from her spiritual union.

First, though, Kody chimes in with his thoughts on the whole idea that Christine and him are divorced.


“We never made an official agreement. We never signed a paper. We never agreed. We never went to our church leaders and said, ‘Hey, we’re divorced’ or ‘We want a divorce,'” says Kody in the footage.

This is true.

It is also true, of course, that Christine and Kody never signed a paper to actually get married.

They are not legally husband and wife.

At this point in the ET clip, Robyn jumps in to take Kody’s side as follows:

“Usually our church would say you’re divorced, you have to go ask for a divorce. You have to get paperwork, you have to get approval. You have to approve that the marriage is broken.”

Even Janelle, who remains very close to Christine, echoes this sentiment on the episode.

“If we want a divorce, then we have to go get their approval,” she says of the church.

“Usually, they require counseling. Usually, they require lots and lots of meetings.”

Janelle then even goes on to state how she sees official separation from the point of view of her religion:

“Technically, from my understanding, until Christine is physical with another man, she’s not divorced. But I don’t know.”

Wow, huh?

Christine has to actually sleep with someone else to distance herself from Kody? What the actual heck?!?

Hello there, Christine Brown! The mother of six is happy with her decision to leave Kody.

For her part, Christine doesn’t think she needs the institution’s approval… because she doesn’t ascribe to its beliefs. She is no longer part of that religion.

As she’s said in the past, she is absolutely divorced.

“Since I don’t have any legal contract that binds me with Kody, there was no legal process that we had to go through,” Christine explains, making perfect sense in our opinion.

“Neither of us are a part of that religion anymore. So, me just saying I’m divorced? I don’t see the problem in that at all.”

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.