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Farrah Abraham loves to lash out at perceived enemies. Her criminal record makes that clear.

But not all of her rage-filled episodes play out at clubs or hotels — or on traditional social media.

Yelp customer reviews are notorious, for multiple reasons.

Do you want to read Farrah’s unhinged Yelp reviews of an animal boarder who cared for Sophia’s miniature horse? Of course you do.

Farrah Abraham on a Podcast
Photo via YouTube/Howie Mandel Does Stuff

A lot of online hostile behavior — trolling, rage-replies, and more — is a way for powerless people to vent.

It’s not healthy and it’s not harmless.

When Farrah does it, it is inherently worse. Because she’s Farrah. Toxicity is her brand.

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We all remember when Farrah flipped her entire gourd about her experience taking Harvard classes online.

Farrah’s classic rambling made her review of a “mentally ill bi polar” professor was difficult to understand.

It is easy to imagine a professor trying to gently speak to Farrah about her unintelligible use of language. Similarly, one can readily picture Farrah losing her mind over it.

Farrah Abraham in a Sweatshirt
Farrah Abraham does not actually go to Harvard. Don’t let this sweatshirt fool you.

But Farrah’s latest Yelp foray has to do with Sophia’s miniature horse, Starburst.

Following a reported falling out with her father, Farrah has had to look to other sources for horse care.

She evidently sought the services of an animal boarder, Spicewood Farms.

Is this a dignified or respectful way to treat another living creature? Farrah Abraham seems to think so. We don’t know how Starburst feels.

Almost every review of Spicewood Farms on Yelp is for 4.5 stars — or higher.

Farrah’s is the sole exception.

Her rambling review awards only one star.

“As I wrote FLO I hope no other animal or human is treated like this ever again,” Farrah began.

“The lack of accountability by the owners, the obvious lies, abusive manipulative behavior,” she accused.

Farrah continued: “mixed with literally not taking care of my horse when she needs it most as stated in my response.”

Farrah Abraham points out Starburst, the tiny horse who is standing behind her.

“I love when you pay someone and they can not deliver on their own agreement,” Farrah spat sarcastically.

“And,” she went on, “want to tell you want to do with your money.”

In this case, experienced providers of animal care spoke to her about Starburst’s hoof maintenance.

Farrah Abraham documented Starburst’s recovery from blindness, which apparently involved restorative eyedrops.

“I’m done with narcissism, abusive behavior, and animal neglect,” Farrah declared.

Encouraging! Is this a rare sign of personal growth from her?

Oh, she means other people’s alleged narcissism, abusive behavior, and animal neglect.

Farrah Abraham promotes her party-animal business by showing Starburst eating cutely arranged meals of vegetables.

“I hope Flo and her husband get mental help,” Farrah projected obliviously.

“So more people do not have to deal with their ungrateful, blame, guilt, lack of accountability error behaviors,” she rambled.

Bizarrely, Farrah concluded: “Legally and psychologically speaking.”

Farrah Abraham loves to have her photo taken, but sometimes she almost focuses on someone else — in this case, Starburst.

“FLO” is a woman named Florence. Farrah also included screenshots of their alleged correspondence.

Within those documents, Farrah claims to be a lawyer.

She also insists that she is “the most fair and honest person you will ever meet.” Categorically false.

Florence left a detailed and thoughtful reply, explaining in detail why she cared for Starburst.

Apparently, the dispute arose over trimming Starburst’s hooves when a farrier recommended it.

Farrah alleged that he only needed this two times a year. Farrah refused to pay, and then went into a rage-spiral about it. Classic Farrah.