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It’s been almost an entire year since Christine Brown made the shocking announcement that she’d left Kody and her sister wives.

And in that year, she has been positively thriving.

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She moved to Utah to be closer to her adult children, she’s been traveling and building new relationships — essentially she seems to be having the time of her life.

Best of all, she doesn’t have to deal with Kody and his rude outbursts and hypocritical rules.

Actually, according to a new interview she did with Us Weekly, she really hasn’t had to deal with him at all since their split.

“So, I haven’t talked to him in person for a while,” she admitted in the interview.

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“All I’ve seen are the episodes, for a while, and what I’ve heard from like Janelle who still speaks with him and stuff too.”

It’s pretty interesting that she phrased it that way, that Janelle “still speaks with him” — it should go without saying that Janelle speaks to her husband, right?

Could there be some truth to the rumors that Janelle has also left Kody?

But the issue of communication between Christine and Kody, she theorized, is that ” I think he is just so hurt still and just processing it a lot slower.”

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As for the timeline, she said that she knew for two whole years before they actually decided to end things that their relationship was over.

And in the last year of that, Kody became aware of it, too.

The two of them discussed the matter frequently, and things were so off that their children even noticed, but she insisted that they weren’t fighting.

“I left before we got too angry and we were fighting, I left before that point,” she said. “I didn’t want that to be part of it and if I’d left him before, maybe I would’ve left in anger too much too. So, I didn’t want to leave in anger.”

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Unfortunately, Kody doesn’t seem to share her sentiments about anger.

He’s always come across as really bitter about Christine’s choice to leave, and although she didn’t directly say it, it sounds like that bitterness is affecting his ability to coparent with her.

After all, while five of their children are adults now, they still share 12-year-old Truely.

Christine said that they do chat briefly about their daughter — she texted him that she’d won an award at school so he called Truely to congratulate her, and she’s let him know when they’re in Flagstaff so he can see her.

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Still, Christine said that she wouldn’t consider the situation to be coparenting “quite yet.”

She also revealed that poor Truely learned about the divorce by “overhearing a conversation,” and she was “devastated” that that’s how things played out.

“So, I just told Truely we were already divorced because I didn’t want her to be strung along and think that maybe we’d get back together again and her to worry about are we going to be fighting around her,” she said.

“’Cause that was her biggest concern afterwards, she’s like, ‘Are you guys gonna be fighting after?’ And I’m like, ‘No, we’re just not going to, I’m not that person. I’m not gonna sit there and fight.’”

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It sounds like she’s really stuck to that, which is truly a testament to her character — it’s hard to imagine having any kind of lengthy conversation with Kody without blowing up, you know?

Christine is clearly happier than she’s been in a long, long time, and we really love to see it.

But Kody … come on now.