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Kody Brown may star on a reality show.

But the self-centered father of 18 is having a lot of trouble accepting reality at the moment.

In footage from this Sunday’s brand new episode of Sister Wives — which was filmed over a year ago, remember — Kody once again opens up about one of his marriages falling apart.

He talks to the camera about Christine basically kicking him out of her house after he took intimacy off the table between the pair.

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“I don’t wanna move my stuff out. Christine moved me out, I didn’t want her to move me out,” Kody says in a confessional, going completely sexist and adding in the Us Weekly-provided clip:

“I didn’t give her permission to move me out.

“You know, I’ve tried to give my wives sort of the sovereignty to feel like they’ve got control over their lives, and in doing so, I made it so I had no control over mine.”

That’s mostly how break-ups work, of course.

One side doesn’t need to give the other permission in order for a romance to end.

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Christine, of course, announced her plans to move back to Utah in early November 2021.

Thus far on Sister Wives Season 17, viewers have gone behind the scenes of what led to this monumental decision.

In the sneak peek posted by Us Weekly now, for example, Kody and Christine sit across from each other while sorting out the logistics of their separation.

“Okay, what about, are you going to want your food storage?” the Brown family patriarch asks, prompting Christine to emphasize that she’ll “start over” while telling Kody:

“It’s not mine, it was paid for with the family account.”

Robyn Brown, who legally married Kody in 2014, goes on at one point to explain the significance of stocking up on nonperishables in the Mormon faith.

“You know, it’s taught by our church to, like, have food storage in case the end of the world comes,” she says.

Oh. Okay then.

“I’m not part of the Mormon faith, I’m not part of our church anymore,” Christine counters on the episodde.

“I don’t know even where I stand religiously … but as far as the belief in food storage and things like that, I’m not gonna live in fear like that.”

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Christine Brown doesn’t miss Kody at all. She has made that clear on multiple occasions ever since leaving her spiritual marriage.

Time and time again of late, Christine has made it clear she has no regrets.

She’s even said she wishes she had left Kody years ago.

To Kody, though, this whole split seems to have come out of nowhere.

“Honestly I just sometimes struggle with the rush, I just don’t understand it,” he tells Christine in the clip, incredulous that she doesn’t want her share of the food storage.

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In a confessional, he adds:

“It feels hostile to me. I feel like she’s done this as a backstab because she could’ve started talking to me about our relationship a long time ago.

“And she didn’t, and she drops this on me … and to me it seems really, really rushed.

“She’s been ready to get out the door from the time that she told me she wanted to stop staying [here].”

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sundays at 10/9c.