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Kody Brown is here to prove you wrong, folks.

You thought he hit rock bottom as a spouse on these early season new episodes of Sister Wives?

You thought his admission over how he never watches his young children marked a low for this father of 17?

Welp. Kody is about to prove that he can actually be a worse human being and parent.

In a bonus scene shared on Wednesday via TLC’s Instagram, courtesy of this past Sunday’s installment of Sister Wives, Kody gets into it with Janelle.

The sensitive topic at hand?

Kody’s desire to kick his sons out fo Janelle’s home.

“We always agreed – at least I thought it was an agreement – that the oldest kids could live at home as long as possible as long as it was a blessing to the lives of the other kids,” he says during a confessional in this footage.

“As long as it doesn’t affect or harm the lives of the younger kids.”

Kody Brown is irate in this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister wife.

So, what has changed in Kody’s mind?

“Garrison’s activities, his social life, [as well as] Gabriel’s activities and his social life, have kept me and Janelle apart and me away from Savanah,” he says in the clip.

“And they’re both adults, they can move out. I’m so mad about this.”

This episode was filmed about a year ago and, as previously documented, Kody clashed with these two adult sons amid the COVID-19 pandemic because he didn’t believe they were respecting his rules and protocols.

“[We’re] not good. Not talking,” the 52-year-old reality TV star said back in February of Garrison and Gabriel, both of whom he shares with Janelle.

“It’s like one of those relationships where we’ve gotta do a lot of work.”

Tension reached its apex on Season 16 Kody told Gabe that he basically had to decide whether he wanted to see his girlfriend amid this ongoing pandemic… or his father.

“I make rules, you guys abide by them. I understand that these two needed their social lives. I totally get it. But in this case, COVID is different,” Kody reflected on the feud last season.

Kody Brown on a Sister Wives Episode

In response to Kody pushing to kick his kids to the literal curb in this bonus footage, Janelle responded as follows:

“Am I going to turn my boys out when COVID is rampant everywhere? No, no.”

Christine Brown, meanwhile, jumped in at this point, rushing to her former sister wife’s defense and adding that:

“As long as any of our kids need me, I’m there with whatever they need.”

“I’m a firm believer that you’ve got to start your life, but in no way does that mean I’m going to write them off,” Christine says.

“You find ways to connect with your kids and it doesn’t matter where they live. It doesn’t matter what politics they have. It doesn’t matter how they feel about COVID.

“It doesn’t matter if they criticize you.”

The thing is, Janelle believes her kids are angry at their dad for reasons that go beyond this virus.

“For my boys there’s so much more going on than just this fight over whose COVID rules should be followed,” Janelle says on Season 17.

“They have for a long time perceived that Kody’s focus, you know, his time, everything, was spent, the majority at Robyn’s house, even when we lived in Vegas.”

Ah, yes, there it is again.

It’s becoming more and more clear, to everyone involved, that Kody’s extreme affection and biased toward Robyn has been a problem for a long time.