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Very recently, David Beador filed to divorce wife Lesley Ann Cook after less than two years together.

The news came as a surprise. To many, it appeared sudden and without the usual social media “hints.”

Was it true? Yes. He did file for divorce.

But Lesley now says that David filed to dismiss his divorce filing. They’re apparently staying together.

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On Wednesday, September 21, Lesley Beador took to Instagram — both her Story and a public post.

“My husband filed a request for a dismissal a few days ago,” she claimed to her fans and followers.

In both posts, she then told her followers: “Now back to your regular programming.”

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As we previously reported, David Beador had filed to divorce Lesley, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

He filed for divorce just last week, on Thursday, September 15.

This has likely been a tumultuous few days for the couple, and Lesley seems eager to put this behind them.

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David Beador is engaged. He poses here with polarizing fiancee Lesley Cook.

Incidentally, David also listed September 15 as their date of separation.

It sounds like they split and David filed to end their marriage very abruptly.

With their wedding anniversary coming up next month on October 15, he made that divorce filing just 23 months after their wedding date.

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Lesley Ann Cook, who is now going by Lesley Beador, shared this photo of her spending some quality time with her love and now husband, David Beador.

David and Lesley held their wedding back in 2020.

Well, we guess that they can celebrate their two-year anniversary in a few weeks.

It might be a little awkward, though.

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David Beador took his girlfriend Lesley Cook on a vacation to beautiful Greece. Some believe that David even popped the question.

Obviously, a divorce is a lot of work.

The process costs money and involves a tremendous amount of grief and emotional labor.

Labor that they have apparently spared themselves by allegedly reconciling.

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The Real Housewives of Orange County alum David Beador and his new wife Lesley Ann Cook hold their newborn baby, Anna Beador.

“The full nature and extent of Petitioner’s separate property is to be determined,” the divorce petition read.

The determination was to take place “at time of trial or settlement.”

“Given the very short term marriage,” David’s filing read, “there are nominal community property assets and debts.”

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This is Lesley Cook and this is David Beador. The couple made headlines in 2018 because the latter started dating the former after splitting from Shannon Beador.

David noted in his divorce petition that they have a prenup.

Signed just days before their wedding, it would apparently make things like division of property and assets very simple.

It is likely that Lesley would not have benefited greatly, had the divorce gone through.

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Lesley Cook and boyfriend David Beador held hands as they adventured through gorgeous ruins in Greece.

Most significantly, David and Lesley are parents.

Nineteen months ago, the pair welcomed Anna Love Beador.

She will turn two years old on February 5 of next year. David had been seeking joint physical and legal custody. Now, that matter is moot.