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Nearly two years ago, David Beador married Leslie Ann Cook. Several months later, they welcomed their first child together.

David is of course a familiar (and infamous) face for The Real Housewives of Orange County viewers. David is of course Shannon Beador’s ex.

Now, he is Lesley’s ex, too.

Late last week, David filed to divorce Lesley.

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The Real Housewives of Orange County alum David Beador and his new wife Lesley Ann Cook hold their newborn baby, Anna Beador.

People reports that David Beador filed to divorce Lesley, citing “irreconcilable differences” for the split.

He made the filing in court on Thursday of last week.

The timing of it seems interesting. Not suspicious, just noteworthy.

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David Beador is engaged. He poses here with polarizing fiancee Lesley Cook.

The date of separation that David listed is September 15, 2022.

Obviously, that was last Thursday’s date. One might conclude that this divorce came rather abruptly.

That is also precisely 23 months after their wedding date.

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Lesley Ann Cook, who is now going by Lesley Beador, shared this photo of her spending some quality time with her love and now husband, David Beador.

David and Lesley tied the knot on October 15, 2020.

As we noted, it does not appear that this divorce was a long time coming.

(How could it be? They haven’t even celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary … and apparently never will)

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David Beador took his girlfriend Lesley Cook on a vacation to beautiful Greece. Some believe that David even popped the question.

David and Lesley have, during the course of their marriage, divided their time between Orange County and Park City, Utah.

David also owns a home there.

Because this divorce seems to be a recent (and seemingly sudden) development, there are still a lot of kinks to work out.

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David Beador’s new younger girlfriend is a woman named Lesley Cook. Things appear to be serious, and the couple has even vacationed together.

“The full nature and extent of Petitioner’s separate property is to be determined,” the divorce petition reads.

This will be “at time of trial or settlement.”

“Given the very short term marriage,” the documents note, “there are nominal community property assets and debts.”

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This is Lesley Cook and this is David Beador. The couple made headlines in 2018 because the latter started dating the former after splitting from Shannon Beador.

Additionally, David’s divorce filing mentions the existence of a prenuptial agreement.

The agreement went into effect on October 9, 2020.

With some exceptions, the prenup is likely to be the primary arbiter of the division of assets as well as matters of spousal support.

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Lesley Cook and boyfriend David Beador held hands as they adventured through gorgeous ruins in Greece.

David and Lesley share a child.

Anna Love Beador is 19 months old. The pair welcomed her on Februay 5, 2021.

In his divorce petition, David is seeking joint physical and legal custody.

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David Beador and his new lady friend, Lesley Cook, snapped this photo in Vegas at 2am. And they got very affectionate in the comments.

David Beador and Lesley Beador are heading to divorce court, less than two years after they were at the altar.

David and Lesley began dating a very short time after his split from Shannon Beador.

We do not yet know the cause of this divorce. Given the couple’s track record, we are sure that further details will emerge.