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When Kailyn Lowry filed a lawsuit against Briana DeJesus, she must have known that she was taking a massive risk.

And when Lowry’s case was dismissed, many of her worst fears came true in a heartbeat.

With the amount of bad blood between these two, it’s not surprising that Bri gloated about her victory.

But as the days turned into weeks, and the celebration continued, even some fans of Briana’s fans began to grow uncomfortable with how much joy she seemed to be taking in her rival’s downfall.


At one point, DeJesus threw an "anti-Kail" party that was filmed by an MTV camera crew.

She taunted Lowry on social media and engaged in petty pranks, such as sending her a clown costume in the mail.

Now, Bri has taken the mockery a step further, and many fans are imploring her Teen Mom 2 bosses to step in and put a stop to the madness.

On last week’s Teen Mom 2 reunion show, Lowry revealed that she’s entered therapy.

Kail said that the decision was a result of trauma she’s endured following a domestic violence attack in which her former partner Chris Lopez nearly killed her.

The incident is believed to be one of the primary reasons behind Lowry’s decision to quit Teen Mom 2 after more than a decade of involvement with the show.

Kail Tells Her Side

In a supremely ill-advised move, Bri seized on Kail’s moment of vulnerability and publicly mocked her for seeking treatment.

"Taking antidepressants once you realized you can’t always use the court room/ color of ur skin to shut people up," DeJesus wrote in a since-deleted tweet, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

"High light of my life = having a loving family which u don’t have so I’ll always be winning."

Needless to say, it was the ultimate low blow, and it wasn’t long before fans began calling for MTV to terminate Briana’s employment with the network.

"Please fire Briana !!!" one fan commented.

"@mtv @teenmom you guys okay with this disgusting behavior?? I thought this franchise was promoting positivity not bullying. That’s all I’ve seen the past season. Disgusting," another added.

Briana DeJesus in 2021

"@mtv @teenmom y’all better fire Briana! This is who y’all got on y’all platform? Making fun of a former cast mate mental health & depression?" a third chimed in.

Others didn’t call for Kail to be fired, but did implore Bri to withdraw her remarks.

"Thats really cruel," one person commented.

"I’m generally team Bri in this whole thing, but god I wish she’d stop bashing Kail for being abandoned by her parents," another wrote.

“’Having a loving family that you don’t have’ Bri just took her win and went three levels deeper. That’s not right," a third remarked, adding:

"I despise both of them but come on Bri. That was gross."

Briana on Teen Mom the Second

"Briana always takes things to a place it just…doesn’t need to go," yet another person pointed out.

"Kailyn is an awful person but ‘haha your parents and kids don’t love you’ is like…a little much."

Bri seems to have been set off by a tweet in which Kail referenced the fact that she would soon be paying DeJesus $100,000 as court-ordered compensation for her legal expenses.

Kail's Last Time on MTV?

"Enjoy today, it’s the highest point you’ll ever get in your life," Lowry tweeted, alongside several laughing emojis.

"Payday (100k). Tomorrow will be a good day," DeJesus tweeted with a screen shot of Kail’s post.

It’s unlikely that Bri will be fired for her remarks, but in the future, we hope that she’ll think twice before tweeting comments that are sure to offend a large segment of her fan base.