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A lot of people really, really love Sister Wives — not only because of the show itself, but also because it’s so much fun to gossip and speculate about all the ins and outs of the Brown family.

This is great for Paedon Brown, because as it turns out, he really, really loves sharing that gossip!

Paedon Brown in His Car

For the past few months, Paedon Brown has been doing interviews about his family and sharing information about them on social media.

Sometimes it’s been sweet — Christine is his mother, and he’s said so many nice things about her and seems to be extremely supportive of her decision to leave Kody.

Sometimes it’s been juicy — remember when he wore the "What. Does. The Nanny. Do?" shirt, referencing Christine’s now-iconic quote about Kody and Robyn’s nanny?

And sometimes the things he’s shared have been downright horrifying, like when he revealed that he actually hit his sister, Gwen, during an argument.

Gwendlyn Brown on Insta

So as you can see, for better or for worse, Paedon has really leaned into being a reality star, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop anytime soon.

And just in case there was any doubt about that, he went ahead and did a brand new TikTok Live in which he shared even information about his famous family.

This time around, he’s talking about what life would have been like for them without the show.

"I kind of know exactly what my life would be like without Sister Wives," he told his followers, as transcribed by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

Paedon Brown in a Shirt

"I’d have one wife, I’d probably be courting a second wife. I’d probably have three kids by now, maybe just two. I’d be going to church every single day."

"I’d be miserable, honestly," he admitted.

He said that appearing on the show meant that the family was "opened up," which definitely make sense.

After all, they’ve all made some huge changes since that first season, and it’s difficult to believe that they would have been able to make many of those changes without the money and fame the show offered them.

Photo via Instagram

It’s also worth pointing out that living their lives so openly put them in a difficult position with their church, and that the church officially excommunicated them after Meri’s catfish fiasco.

Paedon said that they’d been on "thin ice" with the church for years before that, but that if they hadn’t become reality stars, they’d all still be members.

"We’d probably be living in the same city," he said, referring to Lehi, Utah — the city where they all lived in the big house during the first season.

"We probably wouldn’t have left cities without Sister Wives."

Kody and Paedon

The person who would have had the most different life, he theorized, would be Mariah, who was the only kid who planned to practice polygamy herself until she came out several years ago.

If the family had never done the show, Paedon said that "She would probably hate her life."

"Simply being a lesbian woman, she would be hated in the community we had [been part of," he explained. "So most of us would probably shun her if we had stayed in said community."

"Thanks to Sister Wives, we got out of said community and our worlds opened up by a lot."

Paedon Brown

"Mariah would have been shunned for simply being born the way she was born," he concluded.

It’s interesting that he would say this because he’s said in the past that he and Mariah "can’t stand each other," and a lot of it seems to be related to the fact that Mariah is much more liberal than he is.

Gwen, who is bisexual, has also implied that Paedon has an issue with her sexuality.

Still, Paedon has always said that he’ll always be there for all of his siblings, even if they don’t get along or even really associate with each other, so we guess it’s nice that he’s not officially shunning Mariah.

Photo via Instagram

It’s strange to think how different the family would be if they hadn’t gotten the opportunity to share their lives with us all, isn’t it?

We definitely could see things going down like Paedon imagines — the older kids with oodles of kids, the boys with multiple wives and the girls with sister wives of their own.

Mariah with a husband, Christine still in an unhappy spiritual marriage … it’s sad to think about.

Of course the show may have its downsides for them, but it does sound like it’s helped them to live more authentic lives than they may have otherwise.

Photo via Instagram

Wonder what Paedon will share with us all next?!