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Paedon Brown just dropped quite the troubling bombshell on Sister Wives fans and viewers.

The 23-year old son of Christine and Kody Brown sat down a few days ago for an Instagram Live video, opening up yet again about his relationship with various members of his family.

Specifically, in this case, Paedon honed in on how he gets along with sibling Gwen.

Or, perhaps we should say more accurately on how he doesn’t get along with sibling Gwen. At all.

Paedon Brown and gwen

“I hit Gwen,” Paedon says in the clip, referencing an incident that appears to hhave taken place in the not-too-distant past.

“I slapped Gwen after some words were exchanged and I took it too far and I slapped her and she thinks that I might do it again and she’s scared of me.”

Paedon, who made the media rounds last month and who stirred up some drama for mocking Robyn Brown, added it was “okay” that his sister was afraid of him due to the incident, noting he’s “not gonna argue with her.”

Paedon B

Moreover, Paedon said their mother is “very aware” of the altercation and has been attempting to help Gwen navigate her feelings about what transpired.

“Mom knows I would never [hurt Gwen],” Brown explained.

“I know I would never, but it hurts me. It hurts me knowing that my sister thinks I want to hurt her. I don’t. I don’t want to hurt my sister, but she thinks I do.”

At some point, Paedon hopes the loved ones can sit down and have a heartfelt discussion.

“I want her to feel safe and it’s very important that my sister feel safe around me,” he said.

Photo via Instagram

Paedon never cites the time period during which this slap took place, but it sure sounds like the siblings were older teenagers or adults at the time.

In September 2020, though, Gwen came out as bisexual… and proceeded to tell the public about her feud with Paedon.

"That moment when you find out your siblings gossip about how they don’t think your sexuality is real or possible," Gwendlyn lamented on Twitter back then, adding:

"#ThisIsSomethingWeCanAllRelateToDefinitely," she tagged the tweet. The erasure of bisexuals is shockingly common and deeply malicious."

"Probs Paedon," someone wrote as a response to Gwen. "He legit insta messaged me once to let me know that black lives don’t matter."

In a since-deleted tweet, Gwen complimented the commentator for how he/she handled the conversation with her polarizing brother.

“Talking with racists is painful and he sounded like an idiot,” she wrote.

“Good job.” 

Paedon Brown pic

A fan went on to tell Paedon about his sister’s remarks on Instagram, to which he replied:

“Thanks. I will still protect her until my dying day.”

Confessed Paedon to Us Weekly a couple weeks ago:

"I have disconnections with siblings all over the place."