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Paedon Brown is here to stand up for his mother.

As you very likely know at this point, Christine Brown announced in early November that she had left spiritual husband Kody Brown after more than decades of being together.

She did so after a year in which the spouses often clashed, specifically over Kody’s VERY strict COVID-19 rules and regulations.

She also did so after Kody came right out and said he was done sleeping with her, as witnessedd by viewers on Sister Wives Season 16.

Kody and Paedon

On a recent appearance on the Surviving Sister Wives podcast, Christine’s outspoken son, Paedon, responded to some of the backlash his mom has garnered after making this personal decision.

“[They spent] almost 30 years of working on a marriage," Paedon told listeners.

"Her finally having the last straw when he didn’t want to be intimate with her…he said the words, ‘I don’t want to be intimate with you.’ Not just hasn’t been [intimate] in a while, but said the words, ‘I don’t want to.’

"[Their marriage] was rocky from the start!”

Paedon Brown in His Car

Paedon never called Robyn Brown out by name, although he was very likely referring to Kody’s only legal wife with this message.

Remember: On the Season 16 tell-all special, Robyn seemingly blamed Christine for giving up on her romance.

“I am frustrated and angry and devastated by Christine’s choice [to leave Kody],” Robyn said at the time, making it sound as if Kody had really given Christine a chance.

Photo via Instagram

As for the speculation that Robyn’s addition to the Brown family sparked the issues that, many years later, prompted Christine to divorce Kody?

Nonsense, Paedon said on this podcast.

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh, the problems didn’t start until Robyn got there.’ That’s so not true!" the 23-year old explained.

"Robyn made problems more visible but she didn’t bring problems into the family. Some started with her, but a lot were made more visible with her around.

"And that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing."

Robyn Brown and Christine Brown

Paedon trolled Robyn last month on TikTok, but said during this appearance that he has no overall problems with her. Just one real beef.

“Robyn did many good things for the family. I want to make that clear," he said, adding of her comments about the end of Christine and Kody’s marriage:

"That was not her place to say [things about my parents’ marriage] either.

“Because Mom and Dad have had issues since before they even got married."

Christine Brown: A Photo

Paedon concluded on this topic by emphasizing this same point… over and over again.

"They had issues when [their oldest child] Aspyn was born; they had issues when Mykelti was born and I was born.

"They’ve had issues over the past 30 years. We didn’t talk about it because it’s not something you talk about. But it’s reality. And it wasn’t bad issues, but Mom had a final straw.

"And this was that final straw. And we all completely support Mom in it…we’re all like, ‘S**t, go Mom!’”