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Late last month, Gwendlyn Brown came out as bisexual.

To be clear and specific, the daughter of Christine and Kody Brown came out as a "raging" bisexual.

Gwendlyn Brown and Mom

Shortly after confirming this news via her Twitter bio, Gwendlyn said she has received nothing but support from her older sister, Mykelti.

When a fan asked if Mykelti is “super proud of Gwen for coming out as bisexual,” she responded: “Of course I am!”

On Thursday, however, Gwendlyn revealed all hasn’t been going as well and/or as smoothly with her other siblings, stating very simply for the record that these brothers and sisters have been talking trash about her.

And she really, really does not appreciate it.

Gwendlyn Brown

"That moment when you find out your siblings gossip about how they don’t think your sexuality is real or possible," Gwendlyn Tweeted a few days ago, adding the following hashtag:


Gwendlyn did not name any names upon sharing this unfortunate information with followers.

Aside from Mykelti, Gwen has older sister Aspyn, older brother Paedon and younger sisters Ysabel and Truely.

We don’t wanna jump to any conclusions, but Paedon has come under fire for some of his more conservative views and, to be honest, it would be easy to see how he would NOT be receptive to his sister’s lifestyle/sexuality.

Gwendlyn Brown Selfie

In July, for example, Gwendlyn and Paedon clashed in rather public fashion because the former thinks Donald Trump is an awful person and anyone who votes for him is a "a homophone, transphobe, sexist [and] white supremacist."

These were the words she used on Twitter.

And they are words that certaiinly appear to run counter to what Paedon thinks of the President, as he’s expressed support for Trump in the past and also feuded with his loved ones over his disdain for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Again, this is a topic on which brother and sister do not see eye-to-eye.

Gwendlyn Brown and Christine Brown

The 18-year old publicly came out in her Twitter bio, as cited above, when she wrote: "I’m your basic, average girl and I’m here to save the world. BLACK LIVES MATTER • Raging Bisexual • she/her."

She then told The Sun:

“I never ‘came out’ because I was never ‘in.’ I’m just bi.

"There was no reaction or anything or any juicy gossip."

Gwendlyn Brown Photo

That was then, however.

Now, sadly, it appears as if her announcement has stirred up a bit of tension within her famous family, which may also explain why she previously said she would never get involved in a plural marriage.

"I’m selfish and would get jealous too easily, but 100% support all the women and men who pursue this lifestyle for themselves," Gwen has said on Instagram.

Hopefully, she can also take solace in how supportive her dad had been of his daughter, Mariah, who is gay and who is engaged to a woman.

In a 2017 episode, the Sister Wives discussed their support for Mariah, who is now set to marry fiancée Audrey Kriss.

“When Mariah came out, it was a bit of a shock to me," Meri said at the time.

"I’m really glad that I had experiences in my life that I was open to that, because I see so many families reject their kids or other family members when they come out as gay.

"I can’t imagine rejecting my daughter and not knowing who she is, like, who she truly is, and knowing her and Audrey together."