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Jenelle Evans has been battling mystery illnesses for years now.

It’s kind of a whole thing at this point.

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness

In episodes of Teen Mom 2 aired all the way back in 2016, she was complaining about a long list of symptoms she claimed her doctors couldn’t figure out — this is when she was "seeing molecules" and had "spidey senses."

After all of that was resolved on an episode of "The Doctors" (apparently it was a bad reaction to a new birth control combined with withdrawal from weed), things cooled down for a bit, but then she started with the esophagus issues.

Remember when she was making heartbroken Instagram posts about never being able to fly again because the altitude makes her problems so much worse?

That lasted for a while, but then her health woes got pushed to the back burner when her husband, David Eason, killed her dog and CPS temporarily removed their children from their home.

Jenelle and David at a Real Farm

But sometime last year, she decided it was time to develop yet another full-blown health crisis, and goodness, what a ride it’s been.

Jenelle’s latest health problems started with her neck — she’d say that it was unusually stiff, and sometimes she couldn’t turn it.

From there, she started seeing a series of doctors, convinced that she had a tumor in her spine or brain and was going to be paralyzed soon.

What was actually going on, according to her, was that she did have some cysts and tumors in her spine and brain, but they were likely benign and her doctors planned on leaving them alone unless they presented some issues.

Jenelle Evans Speaks to Fans

That wasn’t good enough of a diagnosis though — she continued going to different specialists and taking test after test to try to get to the bottom of what she seems positive is a deadly disease that no doctor can figure out.

In all of this time, she’s managed to convince herself that she has everything from a rare brain malformation to ALS.

It’s baffling.

Earlier this month, she announced that she had finally gotten a diagnosis: fibromyalgia.

Jenelle Evans Cries and Cries

Except she immediately started second-guessing that diagnosis, still positive that she has something much more serious.

And that, friends, is what brought her to the hospital this week.

A couple of days ago, she made a text post to her Instagram story that read "Was in the hospital all day yesterday for chest pain. Please just send prayers. Thanks!"

She said that she’d "explain later" what exactly happend because it was "too much to type," but luckily for us all, she managed to slap together a TikTok for us to recount this event!

The video started with a clip of her putting her hair up in a ponytail while apparently struggling to breathe. You can see her say that her chest hurts, and in text that she placed over the video, she wrote "2 months ago: can’t breathe when waking up."

She also wrote that she’s been trying to rest and relax since all this has been going on, but that two days ago she was "hospitalized for extreme chest pain and difficulty breathing."

She also claimed that she "recently had 2 antibodies related to myasthenia gravis show up on blood tests" — more on that momentarily.

All of this information is relayed over footage she took of herself lying in the hospital bed and looking sad, by the way.

Jenelle hospital tiktok 2

While she was there, she said she had two EKGs done, they took blood four times, gave her an IV as well as a chest x-ray and CT scan.

"My blood clotting test came back high but they said images looked OK," she added.

She finished the video by saying that she was following up with a neurologist soon, and in the caption for the video she wrote "If you see bruises on my arms … you know why," along with a "myasthenia gravis" hashtag.

So we all know what disease she thinks she has now, huh?

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakness and fatigue, and it can be very severe.

We’re not doctors, obviously, but … there’s no way she has this, right?

Despite how dramatic she made everything appear, it really sounds like she went to the emergency room for chest pain, they did the normal tests they do for people with chest pain, then she went home.

We hope she starts feeling better, we really do, but considering everything we know about Jenelle (which is honestly a lot), it seems like she might need a different kind of help than this.

Jenelle is Sad

Anxiety often causes chest pain and difficulty breathing, and this girl certainly has more than enough to feel anxious about.

Maybe just once, instead of talking about tumors and paralysis and debilitating diseases that affect the muscles, she could just, say, try therapy.

Can you imagine?