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Jenelle Evans is trying to clear her name and salvage what remains of her reputation so that she can weasel her way back into the world of reality television and continue to avoid anything resembling real work.

But she may have just made a major misstep that’s unlikely to earn her any new fans south of the Mason-Dixon line.

As you almost certainly recall, Jenelle’s husband David Eason beat, shot, and killed the family dog in front of his kids during one of his infamous fits of rage.

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And now, Jenelle is justifying his behavior by claiming that that’s just what people do down south.

On Tuesday night, Jenelle appeared on Candace Owens’ new web series as part of her never-ending damage control campaign.

Angry pundits interviewing washed-up reality stars is the sort of thing you can see for free by turning on your TV anytime, day or night.

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But for some reason, Owens thinks you’ll pay for the privilege of watching her jaw with Jenelle by subscribing to her show.

Anyway, Jenelle’s reputation as an animal abuser and all-arounf sh–ty individual is preventing her from making seven figures by selling flat tummy tea on Instagram. 

And so, she shared her sob story about the Nugget incident in an effort to open some new revenue streams.

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"So basically, it was me, my daughter and my other two kids and David and we were all sitting in the living room and you know, my daughter and the dog were having like a cute little moment," Evans said.

"So David started filming from far away and then all of a sudden she went to go give the dog a hug and the dog like bit her on the face, almost in the eye.

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"Then, after that happened, you know, the way David was raised, he took the dog outside and took care of it himself," Jenelle continued.

"My kids were inside the house at the time…[They] did not see anything, did not hear anything," she went on. 

"David didn’t announce what he was doing or anything."

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So much BS here, it’s hard to know where to begin.

For starters, we’ve all seen that video, and the dog came nowhere near biting the kid’s eye.

David spooked her, she nipped, and the rest is animal abuse history.

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On top of that we, see David attack the dog in front of Ensley in the video, and Maryssa has said she witnessed the entire incident.

So yeah, Jenelle is calling her own stepdaughter a liar now.

As for what motivated Dave to handle this situation in the most psychotic way possible, Jenelle says it’s a Southern Thing.

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"I was raised in Pennsylvania, and then he was born and raised in the South," she explained.

"And David said, you know, if I took the dog to the humane society, they probably would’ve done the same thing because of the aggression."

Would’ve been worth a shot, though … right?

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All hell broke loose after the dog issue.

Jenelle got fired from Teen Mom 2; she and David got their kids taken away by CPS …

It was one of the few times that Jenelle actually faced consequences for her actions.

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So naturally, she’s still whining about it years later.

Meanwhile, Candace is pretending to care because she mistakenly believes that Jenelle is a big enough star to help her in her efforts to become the next Oprah.

We hate to resort to a cliche like "these two deserve each other," but seriously — who else would have them?