Jenelle Evans: Caught Lying About Health Problems For Attention! Trying to Backtrack Feverishly!

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Jenelle Evans isn't the most reliable person on the planet.

And that's for just so many reasons.

Honestly, who has the time to count all her negative qualities?

Instead of doing a full rundown of her faults, let's just focus on one.

The lying.

Jenelle has been caught in so many lies over the years, about big things, small things ... maybe even everything.

This week, she's been caught lying about her health.

And the whole thing really is just classic Jenelle.

1. So Many Problems

So Many Problems
So Jenelle has suffered from many, many health problems over the years ... according to Jenelle, anyway.

2. The Big One

The Big One
One of those problems, and the one we've seen firsthand on Teen Mom 2, is addiction.

3. A Big Deal

A Big Deal
Back when she was with Kieffer, and then when she married Courtland, she was addicted to heroin.


She's also smoked weed for many, many years, and while that's obviously not as dangerous as heroin, she did smoke so much that Ensley had it in her system when she was born, so, you know, that's not great.

5. Mental Illness

Mental Illness
At one point, she was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

6. Oh, Jenelle ...

Oh, Jenelle ...
And then, of course, there was her big health crisis back in 2016 -- the one where she could "see molecules" and went from doctor to doctor to get treatment.

7. Girl ...

Girl ...
This is what kicked off her habit of coming down with mysterious illnesses that no doctor could diagnose -- or, as many people assume, her doctor-shopping mession.

8. Um ...

Um ...
As she explained to David during a scene on Teen Mom 2, her symptoms then included the thing about seeing molecules, hot flashes, insomnia, numb fingers, shakiness, anxiety, depression, restless legs syndrome, "eyes hurt, eyes feel huge" ... the list went on and on.

9. Suspicious

She, with the help of David, went from doctor to doctor in hopes of finding a cure for all of that. They even went all the way to New York to see some doctors there.

10. Oh

Eventually she went on the show The Doctors, and they determined that all of her problems were determined by two things: she switched her birth control and stopped smoking weed.

11. Moving On

Moving On
Shortly after that, she dropped all the talk aout seeing molecules and moved on the her next big health issue: esophageal spasms.

12. It All Comes Out

It All Comes Out
That's why she smoked weed when she was pregnant with Ensley, because "I have really bad esophageal spasms and I throw up every 5 minutes, I can’t even eat."

13. So Sad

So Sad
Then last November, the condition seriously impacted her life again.

14. Tough Break

Tough Break
It was then that she and David flew to California to do a photo shoot for her sketchy cosmetics line. During the flight, she apparently had some of those spasms, and they were so bad that they chose to drive back home after the shoot instead of risking another flight.

15. Soooo Many Opportunities

Soooo Many Opportunities
"It really sucks when you have so many opportunities at your feet but your health holds you back," she complained on Instagram.

16. Such Limitations

Such Limitations
"Might not be able to fly for the rest of my life, seriously heartbroken," she continued. "There’s so much more in life for me to see. I don’t want to stop here."

17. Dang Spasms!

Dang Spasms!
When someone asked her why she wasn't able to fly, she explained that it was those pesky spasms, and that "no one knows why it happens."

18. Weird!

So this is all obviously a very big deal, right? And honestly, it does sound like a miserable condition.

19. But Wait!

But Wait!
Except all that happened just a few months ago, and now she's right back to flying.

20. Seriously, What?

Seriously, What?
She shared that photo of Ensley with the caption "First time at an airport, first time on a plane for this little girl!" and everyone was like "huh?"

21. Sounds Legit

Sounds Legit
The whole family flew to New York for Fashion Week, doesn't that sound fun?

22. The Explanation

The Explanation
One of her followers asked her about the spasms and how she'd thrown that fit about never being able to fly again, and she explained that she can fly, but "only at low altitudes and if it's a short/direct flight."

23. Not Great

Not Great
And we're not doctors here, but we don't think you have to be a medical professional to realize that this doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

24. No Sense

No Sense
For one, no one can find any proof that flying affects esophageal spasms. It makes sense that one could have them so frequently that flying probably isn't the best idea, but that's not what Jenelle is talking about here.

25. Oh, OK

Oh, OK
Here's what she's talking about.


So a higher altitude "blows up" her stomach, putting pressure on her esophagus and making her vomit uncontrollably.

27. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
It makes her condition so bad that she was once, presumably on that November flight to L.A., "laying on the floor of the plane almost dying."

28. Riiiiight

So we're supposed to believe that she spent an entire cross-country flight vomiting, it was so bad that she was actually lying on the floor and nearly dead, and we never heard about it until now?

29. It Doesn't Add Up

It Doesn't Add Up
And when she arrived, she was fine to do the photo shoot, and she felt well enough to not only drive back home, across the whole entire country, but to make several sight-seeing stops along the way?

30. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
If she was really that sick, you'd think she'd have to at least run by the hospital for some assistance, right? After all, she could have been severely hydrated after throwing up "nonstop" on the flight.

31. Strange

But we assume if that had happened, she'd be quick to tell us all about it now that everyone thinks she's lying. And as we can see, there probably would have been a selfie involved. She's never one to refuse a good hospital selfie.

32. The Lies!

The Lies!
As you can probably tell, we're not really buying any of this.

33. Sorry 'Bout It

Sorry 'Bout It
And it seems like no one else is, either.

34. Melodrama

"I have serious GERD that's actually causes gastric bleeding at times," one woman wrote on Twiiter. "And I have severe esophageal spasms. Never, ever have I been told I can't fly, & never, ever have I had issues flying. I think Jenelle is a melodramatic liar who constantly needs attention."

35. Interesting

Another person speculated that "Jenelle doesn’t have esophagus spasms from flying, she has them from anxiety. Which I know because I too have a panic disorder and it causes me to have severe reflux/spasm issues. But not once has the actual flying caused me be to get sick. Anxiety will cause the spasms though."

36. Well ...

Well ...
So yeah, everyone thinks this is absolute nonsense, but absolute nonsense is pretty much Jenelle's whole thing, so she can't be too upset about it.

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