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Even before Jenelle Evans got fired from Teen Mom 2, she wasn’t exactly popular with her castmates.

Of course, that’s putting it mildly.

It might be more accurate to say the other moms couldn’t stand Jenelle and wanted nothing to do with her.

Photo via Instagram

In fairness to them, she gave them every reason not to like her.

In addition to the bullying, abusive behavior she demonstrated during her segments on the show, Evans antagonized the other girls during their annual reunion show tapings.

But now that she’s been kicked off TM2 and banished to her sinking swamp house, the ladies are finally free of Jenelle, right?

Jenelle Evans Video Still
Photo via Facebook

Well, unfortunately, like a rash that won’t go away or a persistent case of esophageal spasms, Jenelle can be tough to get rid of.

She’s still unemployed, and neither of her sons lives with her, so she has nothing better to do these days than stir up drama on social media.

And this week, she selected Leah Messer as her target.

Leah, Jenelle

It’s a bad time to go after Leah, as she’s quickly becoming one of the most beloved Teen Moms.

Of course, we can’t blame Jenelle for not recognizing when someone is well-liked.

After all, it’s not a phenomenon she’s ever experienced.

Leah Messer on Her Insta Page

Anyway, Jenelle loves TikTok because its mostly-teen user base is less likely to know about the time she wished death on a US soldier, and all of the other appalling things she’s done in her life.

Evans hosted a TikTok Live Q&A this week, and when a user asked for her thoughts about Leah, she seized the opportunity to dredge up some petty middle school drama.

"I just think that she needs to live her life," Evans said, apparently missing the irony in the fact that she’s the one who should be living her life instead of commenting on other people’s lives.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

"I mean, I don’t feel nothing but she tries to be in a clique or be friends who she thinks is popular," the shady swamp denizen continued.

"And she will go with whoever she thinks has the most benefits for her."

Obviously, Jenelle has a long history of whining about her former castmates, but this is the first time in a long time that she’s gone after Leah.

Jenelle on Teen Mom, Too

But it makes sense in a way.

Leah’s memoir has made her more popular than ever, and Evans gets triggered when other people experience success and popularity.

We assume that’s why she called Chelsea Houska a Stepford Wife out of nowhere earlier this year.

Chelsea Houska Is an Entrepreneur

Chelsea is successful, well-liked, and emotionally stable; Jenelle, of course, is the polar opposite of all those things.

So it makes sense that Jenelle would spew vitriol at Chelsea, who probably just laughed at the annoying gnat buzzing around her head and went back to enjoying her great life with her awesome family.

This might sound like we’re taking too much pleasure in Jenelle’s loserdom, but really … okay, you caught us.

Hey, sometimes you just have to enjoy the simple things in life!