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For many years, Amy Duggar has shouldered the reputation of being the "bad girl" of the Duggar family.

She’s actually a devout Christian — she simply does not share the extreme views and lifestyle of her cousins.

It also means that she can actually speak her mind about her vile cousin Josh Duggar.

Fans will not be surprised that Amy frames Josh’s crimes, scandals, and arrests through a religious lens.

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"Your sin will find you out," Amy tweeted without providing explicit context.

Many fans immediately recognized that she was referring to her infamous cousin, Josh Duggar.

Many also recognized that she was quoting the bible.

“You should tell that to Josh," replied one fan.

Another follower then quipped: “I think she is.”

“Prayers for Anna that she will leave," wrote another, echoing widespread sentiments among Duggar fans and critics alike.

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Amy is devoted to her Christian beliefs, despite the contrasts with her extended family.

She just doesn’t believe that women are livestock, to be traded between male owners.

Amy also knows that she is allowed to dress as a human being and not like, well, a cult member.

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Numbers 32:23 reads: "You may be sure your sin will find you out."

This passage actually does not mean that your sin will be obvious to everyone.

However, it is often interpreted to have this meaning.

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Instead, the passage from the Book of Numbers is said by some theologians to refer to the nature of sin.

Sin is not a universal concept amongst religions, but is considered a particularly important concept in many denominations of Christianity.

And in that particular passage, it is said that Moses (to whom the line is attributed) notes that sin is a danger, not merely a wrongdoing.

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Those who analyze the bible regularly have pointed out that multiple passages refer to sin as if it "enslaves" people.

With this in mind, we can view Amy’s tweet in a different light.

By doing awful things in the past, Amy is saying that Josh essentially became driven to carry out additional evil misdeeds.

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On the one hand, we don’t know that Amy meant this deeper meaning.

(After all, not all theologians view any of this under the same light; we don’t know how Amy interprets this passage)

On the other hand, this seems to be the most likely and realistic reading that someone with Amy’s conservative Christian background would have. 

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As for the fan’s high hopes about Anna leaving Josh … she could have left him in 2015.

Jim Bob and Michelle and their extremist cult do not believe in divorce, but some in the extended Duggar family (in-laws) have ended marriages.

Diehard conservatives, even the extremely controversial Robertson family, vocally encouraged Anna to ditch Josh in 2015.

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Instead, she stayed.

Worse, she seems to be sticking with Josh through this scandal, as well.

Anna has even brought their six children (she is pregnant with their seventh) to see him on home confinement.

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting.

Anna reportedly believes that Josh is innocent, despite the severity and believability of the charges against Josh.

Bizarrely, it is reported that she believes that President Joe Biden is somehow behind this "persecution" of her husband.

Notably, the alleged downloading of horrific photos and video, and the investigation, all took place in 2019.