Jenelle Evans: Chelsea Houska Is Just a B-tchy Stepford Wife!

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These days, Jenelle Evans' life is essentially a never-ending campaign to cling to the last shreds of her notoriety.

And, of course, her most effective method for doing this is continually picking fights with her former co-stars.

At times, it seems like her choice of rivals is random.

But it makes sense that Evans would choose to focus her animosity on the most popular Teen Mom herself -- Chelsea Houska.

Jenelle & Chelsea

Chelsea quit Teen Mom 2 at the end of the show's most recent season, but she still has the largest social media following of all the stars in the TM universe.

We guess that's why Jenelle has decided single Chelsea out for her unprovoked attacks.

After all, Jenelle desperately wants what Chelsea has -- namely, relevance.

Chelsea and Cole in 2021

And she seems to believe that waging war against people who have what you want is the best way to advance in life.

Jenelle went off on Chelsea yet again this week with a series of Facebook posts in which she roasted Houska for ... enjoying her seemingly perfect life?

Yeah, Ms. Evans is really running out of ammo these days.

Jenelle Evans In the She-Shed

"Yeah it sucks some people try to act like their lives are picture perfect and scared to put down their pride to make their loves relatable and admit their flaws," Jenelle wrote, as first reported by UK tabloid The Sun.

"Some girls act like they're a Stepford wife. And yes I will hold a grudge and always make it known," she added, seemingly referencing her long-standing feud with Chelsea.

Though her comments were very clearly directed at Chelsea, Jenelle later played dumb when her followers began to question her about her obvious obsession.

Jenelle Is Injured

"Who exactly am I tearing down when it was facts and no name calling?" she asked in response to comments asking why she's so fixated on Chelsea.

"What was so offensive I said [sic]?"

Note that Jenelle never actually denied that her trash-talk was directed at Chelsea.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer and Walker

She did, however, continue to attack an unnamed associate whose happiness has obviously stirred a seething jealousy in Jenelle.

We wonder who it could be!

"Again back to my point - life isn't perfect and no one should act like their s--t don't stink," Evans wrote.

Huge Milk Boobs

"Yeah every typical 'picture perfect family' on IG isn't 100 per cent flawless," she continued.

From there, Jenelle continued with her charade, adding:

"Not talking about one individual but more like a stereotype and group of people."

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk

Sure you are, Jenelle.

Interestingly, this is the second attack that Jenelle has mounted against Chelsea in just a matter of days.

The first came after Houska shared photos of her newborn daughter, Walker.

"Photos make everything seem so perfect. Am I right? Don't believe everything you see on TV and the media," Evans wrote at the time.

Chelsea Houska and Newborn

All of this comes on the heels of an Instagram Story in which Jenelle revealed that she felt excluded by the other cast members during her years on Teen Mom 2.

“I’m trying to figure out the best way to say this without being a b--ch … umm, let’s just say Chelsea and Kail had their own clique and that was very important to them," Evans told her followers.

“So every time we went to reunions or anything, it was no talking to Jenelle, no association and I would be there alone on my phone just pretending like time was passing by.”

Chelsea Houska Kailyn Lowry Pic

Evans went on to say that the other three moms went and got matching tattoos during one reunion.

When Jenelle complained of being left out, they told what artist they went to, and she went by herself to get the same tat that Chelsea, Kail, and Leah got as a bonding experience.

We guess that's the sort of thing that might leave someone feeling bitter -- but hey, it's not Chelsea's fault that Jenelle is a schmuck!

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