Jenelle Evans vs. the World: Her Greatest "Hits" Collection!

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If there's one thing we know about Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 fame, it's that she never backs down from a confrontation.

Never, dude.

Sometimes this means a war of words, other times actual violence against those who incur the Carolina Hurricane's wrath.

Blow, 'Cane.

Here, THG's taking a trip down memory lane and relived some of her most turbulent, and violent, moments over the years.

Boyfriends, fiances, husbands, girlfriends, producers, random people talkin' s--t ... her own family and pets. No one is safe. 

NO one.

1. Jenelle Beats the Ever-Loving Crap Out of Britany Truett

Savage. Evans was caught on video absolutely annihilating Britany Truett in Oak Branch, N.C., in 2011. She was later arrested after the video surfaced and charged with assault. Deservedly so, given the extent of this beat down. Truett says Jenelle came at her in a fit of jealousy after Evans' sometime boyfriend Kieffer Delp was flirting with Truett; Delp was arrested the same day as the fight for cocaine possession.

2. Jenelle's Classic Fight with Tori Rhyne

Jenelle Evans has managed to keep one friend for the majority of her time on Teen Mom 2: a girl named Tori Rhyne. But that relationship soon soured, and things were not always great between them even in the best of times. Witness the INSANE, hair-pulling melee that occurred in this infamous scene during which Jenelle was moving out of the residence they shared ... Kieffah and Tori's BF also got in on the action.

3. Jenelle's Classic Fight with Barbara: I SEE YOU WIFF KIEFFAH!

Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, got into a shocking, iconic fight in the first season of Teen Mom 2. This is that fight. Any fan of the show has likely repeated Babs' quotes from this scene in the years since: I SEE YOU WIFF KIEFFAH! I hope you have fun livin' in the streets with ya booooooooyfriend!

4. Jenelle Wishes Death Upon an American Soldier

Jenelle Evans got into a pretty heated argument during a trip with Nathan Griffith three years ago - a trip meant to celebrate their engagement, believe it or not - and appears to wish death on a U.S. soldier in the process of yelling at him. As the person filming this says, that is some f--ked up s--t right there.

5. Jenelle Evans-David Eason Wedding Fight

Long-rumored but never before heard, it's Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans & David Eason's explosive pre-wedding fight!!! Crank up the volume and hear them yell at each other like mortal enemies the night before they tied the knot; Jenelle called off the wedding, briefly, but they did go through with it. Dave sounds pretty livid with her at one point.

6. Jenelle vs. Kieffah

The mercurial Jenelle Evans and her useless ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp in more memorable scenes together from Teen Mom 2, 2010-2013. She sure has been with a cast of unsavory characters over the years, but Kieffah may be the most memorable. Not in a good way, just the most memorable.

7. Jenelle Goes Apes--t on Barbara, Again

Jenelle Evans and her mother lose their s--t in another classic clip from Teen Mom 2. These two sure know how to much each other's buttons. Here, Barbara tells Jenelle that it's her house and that if she wants to see her son so bad, well, why don't you TAKE CARE OF HIM!??! Valid point ...

8. Jenelle and David Fight on Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans and David Eason fight in this scene from the Teen Mom 2 season premiere in July 2017. It's quickly become infamous.

9. Jenelle Fights With Gary Over Steak

Jenelle Evans describes a fight she had with then-boyfriend Gary Head in this video. Apparently she made him steak and he wanted to play video games. No wonder it didn't work out.

10. Jenelle, Kieffer Fight in Car

Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp get into a heated altercation in the early days of Teen Mom 2. Really shocking this relationship didn't last. JUST TRY ME!

11. Nathan vs. Jenelle: Stop Acting Like a BITCH!

Nathan Griffith absolutely goes off on Jenelle Evans, calling her a bitch and claiming her son is not his problem in this memorable fight from Teen Mom 2.

12. Jenelle's Mom Explodes Over Missing Credit Cards

Jenelle's mom freaks the f--k out on her over her missing credit cards in another iconic scene from Teen Mom 2. Yo, mom, chill, I needed them for financial aid, or something. (They really argued like this all the time in front of Jace which is insane.)

13. Nathan Gets Arrested on Teen Mom 2

Nathan Griffith getting arrested on Teen Mom 2 following his alleged attack on Jenelle. This was a wild and frankly terrifying episode.

14. Jenelle Isn't Sorry For Lit Fireworks in Dog's Mouth

Jenelle goes off on her haters after the Internet exploded (in a manner of speaking) over her dog playing with fireworks in July 4 video. Hey, they do this stuff on America's Funniest Home Videos, right?

15. Nathan Accuses Jenelle of Assaulting His Girlfriend

Nathan Griffith gives his side of the story on that epic Teen Mom 2 reunion fight with Jenelle Evans ... and it's quite a bit different than Jenelle's!

16. Jenelle, Now with Gun!

After Jenelle got with David, she developed an affinity for guns. That meant that when she got herself a case of road rage, she felt comfortable following a complete stranger back to his home and pulling a gun on him, all because he cut her off. But hey, the second amendment, right?

17. Jenelle vs. Concerned Fans

When Jenelle built a pool on her swamp land, she did not build a fence around it for the safety of her children. Lots of Teen Mom fans noticed this, she mocked them for trying to make sure her kids don't drown, and she also shared this drone footage of her dumb pool. You sure showed them, girl!

18. The One Where David Ruined Her Life

The One Where David Ruined Her Life
This fight stretched out for a while, but in February of 2018, David got fired from Teen Mom 2 after making a series of homophobic tweets. Jenelle almost got fired too, but she finished up filming the rest of the season. When it was time to start filming for the new season a short while later, she refused. For weeks. She tried her best to get David back on the show because she's that codependent, but it never worked out, and she almost got fired again. Can you imagine fighting that hard for a douchebag like David?

19. Jenelle Goes After Chelsea (And Her Extensions)

Jenelle Goes After Chelsea (And Her Extensions)
Jenelle's always had this weird thing against fellow cast member Chelsea Houska, and when Chelsea shared this new photo showing off her new hair extensions, Jenelle tweeted "Only get leave in extensions if you want your hair super thin and falling out after 3-4 months." The sass!

20. Jenelle on Her High Horse

Jenelle on Her High Horse
After all the things this girl has done, she actually thought it would be cool to slam Farrah Abraham by calling her a "porn star." Her issue was that Farrah was invited to the MTV Movie Awards with a plus one even though she was fired, but she wasn't allowed to show up with David, who had been fired. Oh, Jenelle ...

21. Feuding with Kailyn

Feuding with Kailyn
Jenelle and Kailyn Lowry used to be friends, but that all went south when Kail posted bail for Jenelle and Jenelle never paid her back. Things have gotten worse over the years, so bad that Jenelle actually outed Kailyn's last pregnancy. Most recently, Jenelle has mocked Kailyn for having an absent mother and no husband and also claimed that the only reason Kailyn posts stories about her on social media (something all the cast members do) is because she has a crush on her. Sure, Jenelle.

22. Jenelle vs. David, For Real

One of Jenelle's most terrifying fights, if not the MOST terrifying, was an actual, physical fight with David. In October of 2018, she called 911, sobbing hysterically, and told the operator that David had knocked her to the ground so hard she thought she heard her collarbone crack. She later denied anything like that had happened, but unfortunately we wouldn't be surprised if we hear similar 911 calls in the future from her.

23. Jenelle vs. David AGAIN

Jenelle and David seem to fight constantly, but only a few of those spats have led to public breakups. One such altercation occurred earlier this year, when MTV aired a special about Jenelle's exes. A jealous David changed his Facebook status to "single" and reportedly moved out of the house for a brief while. We don't know if this video is tied to that incident, but it serves as a reminder of how volatile this relationship is.

24. Jenelle vs. Animal Rights Activists

Jenelle vs. Animal Rights Activists
Of all the fights that Jenelle has been in over the years, none has affected her career more than her ongoing battle with animal rights activists. It all started when David Eason shot and killed Jenelle's 11-pound French bulldog, Nugget, claiming that the animal was a threat to his family's safety. It was later revealed that David beat and slaughtered the dog during a fit of rage. Jenelle continues to defend his actions, which is why animal rights activists seized control of the site she purchased in order to sell her cosmetics. To be fair, she made it easy for them by failing to keep up on the payments.

25. Jenelle vs. CPS

Jenelle vs. CPS
This led to Jenelle's second great fight of 2019 -- her legal battle against the authorities who seized her kids after catching wind of David's psychotic behavior. For several weeks, the kids lived safer, happier lives with relatives, but after a grueling court battle, Jenelle won the right to have most of her kids returned to The Land. Her son Jace and David's son, Kaden, are still in the care of more stable family members.

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