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It’s official:

Matt Roloff is getting ready to move on.

Not from Little People, Big World.

And not from the farm that he’s been running for decades, despite ongoing speculation that the father of four may retire soon.

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff in Mexico

Instead, we mean a literal move.

Matt Roloff is simply getting ready to move.

Amid chatter that he wants to permanently relocate to Arizona, where he and girlfriend Caryn Chandler have a winter residence, the long-time reality star has updated Instagram followers on a pending real estate project.

He’s shared a video in which Matt talks about plans for a new home on the Roloff Farms property he now owns outright.

"Figuring out the exact layout of my new house!" explained the patriarch this week, adding as an update:

"Not as easy as you might think… have one shot at exact positioning and layout. But im ready."

Roloff will move into this new house with Chandler, whom he has been dating for over four years and to whom he plans to propose — some time very soon.

Earlier this year, Roloff strongly implied that he’d put a ring on Caryn’s finger before the calendar flips to 2022.

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff Confess

Chandler, of course, is quite familiar with the farm that she’ll one day call home.

She worked as a manager for the business for several years… which is how she met Matt… which is why things will always be a tad awkward between her and Amy Roloff, who she also knew well when she got together with Matt.

Amy has even accused her ex-husband of cheating on her with Chandler.

If not physically, then at least in the emotional sense.

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff in Winter

But we’re not here to relitigate that alleged scandal.

We’re here to alert Little People, Big World viewers to Matt’s plans, which seem especially relevant in light of the storyline that continues to play out on air each week.

Most recent episode of the TLC series have focused on Matt eventually leaving the farm.

Specifically, on just who might take over the business when/if they time comes.

Matt Roloff is Serious

Zach Roloff has made it pretty clear he has interest, although wife Tori didn’t sound all that excited about the prospect on this past Tuesday’s episode of the program.

Matt, though, would likely say there’s no reason to have this debate any time soon.

He doesn’t sound ready to hang up his tractor.

Matt, Caryn and an Axe

There is “no serious, real talk about retirement, certainly no timeline," he said on a podcast last month, which makes sense, based on where he wants to live.

Back in October, the reality star first mentioned work on his dream farm home, telling followers:

“After a very productive 3 weeks back at the farm… logs are prepped for new cabin, lawns all fertilized and mowed, new employees hired and trained for summer season, goats and sheep groomed and happy, big house cleaned and painted, birthdays celebrated, grandkids played with… fields plowed."

He added that he was going to try to get some rest in before the "real summer work begins."

And now, it seems, said work underway.