Farrah Abraham: My Kid Gets on My Nerves! Life Sucks!

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Don't look now, but we have another news story about Farrah Abraham being a spectacularly awful parent!

Shocking, right?

Just kidding, we talk about this kind of thing all the time because there's just so much content along such lines.

Farrah frequently makes obviously poor choices when it comes to raising her 12-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Farrah and Sophia Hit the Links

It's actually depressingly normal.

This time around, the issue is with a video that Farrah posted to Instagram in which she rants about Sophia's behavior.

She starts off by clarifying that she does love her daughter, but goes on to say "So the point is I can repeat myself probably like 10 million times and then she still won't even know that I repeated 10 million times."

Farrah Abraham Gets Vaccinated

"Oh," she continues, "and then she'll ask me again, what should she say? 'Can you repeat it again?'"

"Oh, and then be rude to me at the same time for wasting my time. It's just a really entertaining circle that I just don't entertain."

It's really not that difficult to see what the issue seems to be here, is it?

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries

Farrah is complaining that her child asks her to repeat herself over and over ... could it be that Farrah has a problem with communication?

Like maybe a lot of the things she says doesn't make sense?

We have a hard enough time deciphering what she says, we can't imagine what it must be like to be a child dealing directly with her on a day-to-day basis.

Farrah and Sophia In Alaska

Seriously, just think about it for a second -- Farrah is her only parent, she has Sophia with her all the time, she even homeschools her.

Of course Sophia asks her to repeat herself all the time, she doesn't really have a choice.

But just in case you thought that was Farrah's only complaint, think again.

Farrah Abraham With Expressive Hands

Yep, she's got some more nonsense to get off her chest.

"And then after I spend probably till like 1:00 AM in the morning doing stuff for my child," she says, " you know, then she'll forget, like, toilet paper in our bathroom."

"Oh, and then she'll forget towels that are cleaned for her. So then I gotta go walk them upstairs."

Farrah and Sophia Celebrate Christmas

"So yes," she adds, "it's been super entertaining."

Another super obvious issue with all of this is, again, Farrah is Sophia's only parent.

Her father, Derek Underwood, passed away when Farrah was pregnant with her, and because of her inability to get along with basically anyone, she doesn't have a close relationship with anyone in his family.

Farrah & Sophia in 2020

She often doesn't have a close relationship with anyone in Farrah's family, either.

All that is to say that Farrah is pretty much solely responsible for raising Sophia, so if she has a problem with her behavior, it could be because of, you know, how she was raised.

Judging from social media and how open Farrah has been, they don't really have a stable home life, and Sophia is getting old enough to realize that things aren't exactly normal for them.

Farrah Abraham Wears a Bikini In 2020

And on top of everything else, Sophia is at a difficult age anyway, what with all the hormones that come with being a preteen girl.

Farrah brings that point up next in her rant, admitting "It's a lot to be 12, oh my gosh, hormones, oh my gosh, hair grows."

"Life is actually getting suckier," she concludes.

Farrah Abraham Nun Photo

It's unclear if she meant for that "life is getting suckier" part to be part of the "oh my gosh, hormones" bit, like if that's part of how Sophia feels, or if that's just a summary of how she herself feels about things now.

But regardless ... what a mess, right?

It's just sad for many reasons, one being that Sophia has directly asked Farrah to stop talking about her publicly like this.

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries

She told her that it's "really embarrassing," but Farrah obviously does not seem to care that much.

It's just unfortunate. All of it.

Farrah really doesn't seem to see the major role she plays in all of this, or how inappropriate it is to talk trash about your 12-year-old daughter to 2.5 million strangers.

Farrah Abraham's New Nose

Hopefully Sophia manages to rise above all of this, this absolute nightmare of having Farrah Abraham as a mother.

Because right now, things are looking pretty darn bleak.

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