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Simply put, something is just not right with Farrah Abraham. Actually, it’s a lot of things.

She makes everything about herself, including Black History Month.

Her latest bid for negative attention comes from blasting Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s Grammy’s performance.

Farrah is accusing them of glamorizing sex work. Um, Farrah? You’ve been in porn.

Farrah Ex on the Beach

"The National Center on Sexual Exploitation [NCOSE] has blasted the CBS Grammys broadcast," the article noted.

The article continued: "saying it ‘contributed to the sexual exploitation of women by glamorizing prostitution and stripping.’"

That story is true, in that NCOSE did make that absurd claim. We’ll talk more about NCOSE momentarily.

First up, "prostitution" is an outdated and frankly harmful term used to stigmatize and demonize sex workers.

Sex workers, from strippers to cam workers to porn stars to those who do full service work, should not be maligned.

That’s true for anyone. But it is just extra weird coming from Farrah.

"She literally worked at an Austin strip club," observed one Reddit user.

Another chimed in with the obvious: "The hypocrisy is strong with Farrah."

"Does Farrah remember the time she intentionally flashed her knickerless crotch at a fashion show," another asked.

Farrah Abraham Flashes the Camera at Cannes

Farray might not remember, but we do.

"She needs to take her own advice and unconfuse her brain," another suggested.

That fan accused: "Her narrative changes like the wind."

Farrah has appeared in mainstream porn.

She has stripped and masturbated on a livestream.

A tremendous amount of her content is related to sex in one way or another.

Farrah Abraham Dances Poorly on TikTok

All of this means that Farrah has engaged in sex work.

Even if she is not a sex worker right now, and that is a big if, she has been in the past.

In light of that, her statements don’t make a lick of sense — which is even worse than usual.

Farrah Abraham Gets Vaccinated

Now, it is possible that Farrah Abraham was paid for her hypocrisy.

She did tag NCOSE in her post, which is often done for paid promos.

We would never accuse NCOSE being an ethical organization, so it’s totally believable that they’d hire someone like Farrah.

Farrah Abraham Blows a Kiss on a Boat

Which of course brings us to NCOSE, The National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

It’s good to remember, first, that any group can give themselves any name that they like.

And second, this group used to go by "MIM" — "Morality in Media" — which echoes baseless "moral panic" jargon from the ’90s.

Farrah's Assets

NCOSE has been characterized as an anti-sex worker hate group.

Honestly, reading up on the group’s history in preparation for writing this article, I felt sick to my stomach.

There are monsters in this world, and some of them work for non-profits and pretend that they’re the good guys.

Farrah Abraham Sprays Herself

Specifically, NCOSE seems to focus its efforts on pushing back against things related to sex.

As usual for this sort of organization, they do all of this in the name of "protecting children."

There were no children on that Grammy’s stage, but they know that.

Farrah Nude in a Bathroom

Either way, Farrah is a vicious hypocrite boosting malicious nonsense that she doesn’t even seem to understand.

The Grammy’s show was literally two women doing a sexy dance.

While there’s nothing wrong with sex work, they weren’t actually promoting that. They were just dancing sexily.

Farrah Bares All

Of course, it’s sadly no surprise to see Farrah spouting this kind of lie.

After all, Farrah has repeatedly parroted QAnon talking points.

Not 24 hours ago, she posted this (absurd, debunked) BS to her Instagram Story.

That Farrah cannot tell fact from fiction is no surprise.

If she could, she would probably view herself in a different light.

What’s dangerous is that she has a platform and can spread this nonsense to the small percentage of her followers that are also fans.