Farrah Abraham SLAMMED for Wearing Daughter's Clothes as "Sexy" Top

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It's no joke to say that Farrah Abraham isn't winning any mom of the year awards.

To the collective horror of the world, she seems to want to sculpt Sophia into a mini-Farrah.

Often, that means taking Sophia to age-inappropriate events.

Sometimes, it means Farrah making "sexy" versions of Sophia's clothes.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Match, Play Golf

Farrah Abraham loves to do weird photo ops involving Sophia.

Sometimes, this means using her daughter to sell whatever she's selling at the moment.

Other times, it seems to involve wearing her daughter's blouse as a "sexy" crop top.

Farrah Abraham wears Sophia Abraham shirt on Reddit

The "sexy" is in quotes for a reason, but Farrah presumably thought that it looked good.

And she is, as you can see above (and below), getting roasted on Reddit.

Are people being unfair ... or giving Farrah exactly the grief that she deserves?

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Go Shopping

"These two are sharing clothes now," the original poster lamented.

That caption continued: "Apparently Sophia can’t have anything of her own."

This is not the first time that fans have observed that Farrah seems to view Sophia as an extension of herself.

reddit roasts farrah abraham early april 2021

"But she can afford trips to mar a lago, expensive dinners," a commenter lamented.

It is true, Farrah did take Sophia to a largely unmasked, indoor event there.

They even stood feet away from disgraced former president Donald Trump.

farrah abraham and sophia at mar-a-lago 03 of 10

Gross. And clearly not a safe place for a 12-year-old girl, even were it not for the pandemic.

"Hair coloring for herself and Sophia, cosmetic procedures, etc. etc," the commenter continued.

"Her priorities are out of whack," the comment concluded.

Farrah and Sophia In Alaska

"It's not reaching that this girl doesn't have a bedroom," another fan noted.

This of course is in reference to Farrah's studio apartment.

"And her mom lets men pay to message her," the commenter correctly reminded everyone.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham vibrator display TikTok

"And slaps her with dildos on video," the comment continued.

Well, it was one vibrator. But one is enough, isn't it?

"Sophia's whole life is devastating," the commenter expressed.

Farrah and Sophia Hit the Links

Obviously, on its own, Farrah's decision to wear Sophia's shirt as a crop top would be, you know, shrug-worthy.

A little quirky, and some would wonder if Sophia minded, but that would be it.

But this is Farrah. There's a pattern of behavior at play here.

Farrah & Sophia in 2020

Time after time, Farrah seeks to monetize Sophia.

Sometimes, that just means her incessant mother-daughter posts to boost her social media attention.

Other times, Farrah takes this to greater, more direct extremes.

Farrah and Sophia Skincare Routine

Farrah has, for example, used Sophia in DIY commercials on Instagram.

Believe it or not, some companies are willing to actually have their brands associated with Farrah.

Companies will sometimes partner with her despite her outrageous history of racist outbursts.

Farrah Abraham Teaches Sophia Abraham to Be a Bully

So Farrah will use Sophia in social media ads to make sure that she and whatever she's selling get attention.

Does Sophia get a piece of the action? She's doing at least half of the work.

We don't know ... and that's not encouraging.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Get Weird on Tik Tok

It's unclear how much Sophia, isolated from her peers with no actual school experience, sees how different her life is.

She also simply cannot have a public social media account like a normal middle schooler (well, starting when she's 13).

Instead, her mom clearly runs her account, using it to boost Farrah ... and to make money from anyone willing to pay. (Gross!)

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham, Scooter Giveaway

Sophia is a person.

She is not a marketing tool. She is not an extension of Farrah.

It is sad for many people that she cannot have a normal childhood.

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