Farrah Abraham: Being a Celebrity is Just as Hard as Having Cancer!

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So you know how Farrah Abraham does that thing where she writes or speaks but is completely incapable of really making any sense?

If you're familiar with Farrah at all, then you know exactly what we're talking about.

The girl is just not gifted in the art of communicating, not even a little bit.

But her latest little bit of word vomit?

It's pretty intense, even for her ...

1. Our Girl Farrah

Our Girl Farrah
Farrah has never been great at talking, we all know this.

2. Facts

She's said some very, very dumb things over the years.

3. Sure

Remember how she always used to go on about how she was the top female celebrity in the nation? She's said that several times.

4. Right

She's said that the porno she released was a leaked personal sex tape, and after she was arrested last year for assaulting a hotel employee, she talked at length about how she was framed because she's a celebrity and people want to see celebrities fail.

5. Too Much

Too Much
She's said so many dumb things over the years that we couldn't possibly even begin to name them all, but another issue she has with talking is the part where she actually has to string the words together.

6. Wow

And in her latest Instagram post, both of those problems are on full display.

7. Such a Celebrity

Such a Celebrity
Last week, Farrah took her daughter, Sophia, to the American Influencer Awards -- we're not sure why she keeps getting invited to these awards shows, but she does, and so here we are.

8. Here We Go

Here We Go
After the show was over, Farrah took to Instagram to share some thoughts she had about the whole thing ... and it was just as messy as you'd expect it to be.

9. ... What

... What
She kicked things off by saying that she and Sophia both appreciated being able to go to the awards show because "As a single parent I know how hard it is when our kids start wanting to explore makeup, shave their legs, wax their brow, want to start wearing braws, use deodorant, curiosity and puberty start."

10. Honnney

And yes, she really typed out "braws" instead of "bras" -- remember, this is a Farrah post and her ridiculous typose are half the fun.

11. Hmmm

Also, does that mean that Sophia is getting to the age where she wants to start waxing her eyebrows? Wonder if she's aware that Farrah tried to wax them herself about seven years ago?

12. Anyway ...

Anyway ...
Farrah continued her post by writing "Thats why I’m greatfull and thankful we stand together so she knows I don’t judge her like the world may."

13. So Greatfull

So Greatfull
Does that makes a whole lot of sense with the first thing she said? Not really. But are we proud of her for sounding out the word "grateful"? Absolutely.

14. Uh Huh

Uh Huh
"I embrace her fun clothing, beauty, hair, health and many more trends so she can explore and find her true self without anymore hardships along her way of maturing into her best self," she continued.

15. So Wild

So Wild
Next, Farrah said that she "loved that this awards focused on those who may be going through cancer or may have a daily disability but just alike as a celebrity, designer, blogger and many more we all share that we put our lives out in the public for the greater good and this continues to make a great social change and economy for us all from civil rights and liberties and many more social impacts."

16. Seriously, What?

Seriously, What?
She finished by saying "Strength, love & empowerment to all the influencers world wide being you and making a difference," but let's go back to that last bit real quick, OK?

17. Sorry, Farrah

Sorry, Farrah
We're not really sure why she said that the awards were focused on people with cancer or disabilities -- it may have been mentioned at some point, sure, but we're pretty sure that things were focused on influencers. That's why it was called the American Influencer Awards.

18. Farrah No

Farrah No
But looking past that ... is she honestly saying that celebrities are "just alike as" people with cancer or disabilities?

19. Nooo

Because that's what it sounded like, and many of her followers agreed.

20. Ouch

"Are you seriously comparing the 'struggles' of your fake celebrity with the struggles of someone with cancer or a disability?" one person commented. "I mean, we all agree you definitely have some sort of disability, but that’s such a shallow and insensitive thing to say."

21. Please

"You are seriously comparing your 'struggles' with fame..with those fighting cancer...GET A FREAKING GRIP," someone else wrote.

22. Oof

Another follower really hit home with "I am a cancer patient and my daily struggles to fight to live are nothing like traveling and shopping. I know being a single mother is extremely challenging but you handle your business and you have mad hussle. However I am unsure if your comment came across wrong or if you really are comparing your daily struggles with a cancer patients daily struggles? They are two very different things."

23. Farrah, Please ...

Farrah, Please ...
And we're not even going to touch the part where Farrah seemed to say that celebrities help others with "civil rights and liberties." It's complete nonsense.

24. Lowered Expectations

Lowered Expectations
There may have been a time when we would have said something like "Hopefully Farrah can come to her senses" or "Maybe someday Farrah will start to understand what words mean," but unfortunately, we just can't do that anymore.

25. Hopeless

But now ... maybe she can just stop comparing her plight as a former reality star to that of a cancer patient? Really, even that may be asking too much.

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