Grey's Anatomy Fans React in Shock, Euphoria Over MerDer Wedding (!!!!!)

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There was good news and bad news for Grey's Anatomy fans on Thursday night.

And also some shocking/amazing/euphoric/romantic/monumental news.

First, the good: Meredith woke up from her Covid-related coma!!!!

beach wedding

Perhaps more than any other show on television, Grey's Anatomy leaned fully into the ongoing pandemic this season, placing its lead character into a state of unconscious while she dealt with the potentially deadly virus.

With doctors and friends were concerned about her inside the television, many episodes centered on Meredith's out-of-body visions and experiences while she battled Covid-19.

We witnessed her meet up with George on a beach in this fantasy world, along with Lexi, Mark.

And, of course, Derek.


Which brings us to the bad news:

On April 23, Patrick Dempsey made his final appearance as this beloved character.

Derek, of course, died in a car accident during Season 11.

On Thursday night's installment, Meredith asked her late husband, "Were you in pain?" to which Derek heartbreakingly replied:

"You know, the worst part was knowing they were getting it wrong. I didn't want to leave you."


"Dying is exhausting," Derek added.

"You know that point as a surgeon, you've done everything for your patient. I could try and will them to fight, will them to live, but I never understood the level of exhaustion.

"There comes a point where the desire to rest overrides the desire to live. You got that.

"You gave me permission to go. You told me it was OK. You got me. You gave me everything I needed until my last breath."

derek as groom

Meredith then told Derek that she, too, was tired.

But Derek told wasn't about to let her give up.

"People love you, Meredith. People need you. Your body's tired. But your soul, your soul won't even let me near you. You're still fighting."

And that brings us to the shocking/amazing/euphoric/romantic/monumental news:

Derek and Meredith then got married! On the beach! Like they had always dreamed of doing!

derek dreams

As you might expect, fans were all up in their feelings in response to this development.

After all this time... after one of them actuallly died and the other nearly died... true love won out in the end.

This was the wedding we truly never thought we'd see.

dermer wedding

"You hate weddings," Derek told Meredith, who agreed.

"I hate weddings. But I would give this to her if I could. What do you want me to promise?" asked Meredith.

"To torture yourself less," responded Derek.

Perfect, right?

the grey wedding

Except for the part where we had to watch Derek walk away down the beach.

Walk away and disappear forever from the show, once and for all. We assume, at least.

And yet: If this really is the final season of Grey's Anatomy, what an idea way to go out, right?

We're not crying, readers. YOU are the ones who are crying.

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