Mackenzie Standifer: I'm Not Backing Down From Maci Bookout!

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Usually, Teen Mom feuds play out on camera -- or at least on social media.

But the ongoing battle between Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards has taken place largely behind closed doors.

That's because Ryan steers clear of social media, and Maci doesn't want to damage her eldest son by trash-talking his dad on Twitter.

Maci and Mack

(She's certainly talked a lot of smack about Ryan on Teen Mom OG, but hey -- at least she got paid for that.)

Of course, that doesn't mean that Ryan is entirely unrepresented on social media.

Mackenzie Standifer has stood by her man throughout all the drama, and she frequently posts comments that are interpreted as shade by the larger Teen Mom community.

Mackenzie Posts a Selfie

Her latest tweet might seem like a run-of-the-mill inspirational quote on its surface.

But you better believe that the folks who dissect Maci's every post are picking it apart and finding low-key shade between every line.

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind," Mackenzie tweeted, attributing the quote to Dr. Seuss.

Mack Tweet

Only in the world of Teen Mom feuds could a Dr. Seuss quote be interpreted as shade, but that's exactly how fans are taking it.

And we suppose it's not surprising.

Maci has been critical of Ryan and Mackenzie's parenting and lifestyle choices on numerous occasions.

Maci Bookout, Bentley 2020

Far from mellowing out over the years, the feud between the exes has become more intense than ever.

These days, Ryan's not even allowed to see Bentley, the 11-year-old son he shares with Maci.

Maci's decision to strip her ex of visitation rights has been met with a mixed reaction from fans.

Ryan, Bentley

Some say she's gone too far and interfered with the relationship between a young boy and his father.

Others point to Ryan's recent behavior -- much of which was documented on Teen Mom OG -- and argue that she had little choice.

First, Ryan showed up to Bentley's birthday party intoxicated.

(At least Maci alleged he was intoxicated. And the behavior he exhibited on camera certainly seemed to corroborate her claim.)

Shortly thereafter, MTV cameras caught Ryan bullying Bentley during what was supposed to be a fun family golf outing.

All of this came after Maci filed for a restraining order against Ryan following an incident in which he threatened to shoot her husband, Taylor McKinney.

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards and Ryan Edwards

We're not saying that Maci necessarily made the right call.

But whether he's still on drugs or not, it seems that Ryan has a lot of issues that should probably be worked out with the help of a professional therapist.

And until he does so, he probably shouldn't be responsible for shaping any young minds.

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