Maci Bookout to Ryan Edwards: Stay Away From My Family, You Addict!!

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Earlier this week, we reported that Ryan Edwards had been arrested in Tennessee in connection with a probation violation for an April heroin possession arrest.

While Edwards' struggles with addiction have been well-documented, fans were not previously aware that he had been arrested for possession or that he was on probation.

And it seems this all came as a surprise to Ryan's baby mama, Maci Bookout, as well.

Now, Maci is taking action to ensure that Ryan won't be allowed anywhere near her family...

1. Hard Times For Ryan

Hard Times For Ryan
Ryan was arrested earlier this week in connection with a previous charge that fans weren't aware of. It was widely assumed that he'd suffered a relapse, but his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, says that that's not the case, and she insists Edwards was simply taken into custody to be re-booked.

2. More Bad News

More Bad News
But Mackenzie probably won't be defending Ryan for much longer. Just days after news of his arrest went public, several media outlets reported that Edwards had been caught using the dating app Tinder to seek out potential cheating partners.

3. Grinding It Out

Grinding It Out
Mackenzie is reportedly planning to remain married to Ryan ... for now. But we imagine he'll have to make some major changes if he's hoping to keep his pregnant wife by his side.

4. Maci's Surprise

All of this has reportedly come as a huge shock to Ryan's first baby mama, Maci Bookout. Bookout reportedly thought she knew all about Ryan's checkered past and was blown away by the indiscretions he'd managed to keep buried.

5. Change of Plans

Change of Plans
Maci and Ryan have been locked in a custody battle over their 9-year-old son Bentley for several months. Maci had previously allowed Ryan to have supervised visits with Bentley, but now it seems those days are done.

6. Not Messing Around

In fact, Maci has taken legal action to ensure that Ryan won't be allowed anywhere near her or her family for the foreseeable future.

7. Bye, Ryan

Bye, Ryan
According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Maci has filed for an order of protection against Ryan. A judge will determine on Monday (April 2) if there's grounds for the order to be granted.

8. Mysterious Motives?

Mysterious Motives?
It's unclear what specifically prompted Maci to file, and the exact date that her request was submitted is unknown. But the court has revealed that the necessary documents were filed within the last 15 days, so it's safe to assume Maci was motivated by Ryan's current troubles.

9. The Specifics

The Specifics
The most interesting part of the filing might be the list of who would be protected by the order. If it's granted, Ryan would be forced to keep his distance from Maci, her husband Taylor McKinney, and her three kids - including Bentley.

10. Ryan's Restraints

Ryan's Restraints
In Tennessee, an order of protection prevents the accused party from "from abusing, stalking or assaulting the filer(s), or threatening to do so." Ryan would also be prevented from "telephoning, contacting or communicating with the filer(s) in any way or through another person."

11. A Crushing Blow

A Crushing Blow
Yes, if the judge in Maci's case grants the order, Ryan would not be allowed to see his son for the foreseeable future. And given his recent misconduct and the fact that he didn't inform Maci of his April arrest, it seems almost certain that the judge will side with Maci.

12. Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope
At this point, the best plausible outcome for Ryan would be that the judge would grant the order only for a brief period of time, or that he would allow a revised version in which Maci and Taylor are protected from Ryan but Bentley is not.

13. What's at Stake?

What's at Stake?
If the order is granted, Ryan would do very well to abide by its terms. If he doesn't, he could be imprsoned for the oddly specific time period of 11 months and 29 days.

14. Legal Woes

Legal Woes
And of course, this is just the latest in along line of legal setbacks for Edwards. The 30-year-old will likely be getting very familiar with the inside of his local courthouse in the weeks to come.

15. A Needed Wake Up Call?

A Needed Wake Up Call?
With a second child on the way and mounting legal concerns, Ryan is at a crossroads. Fans are hoping he'll take this time as an opportunity to get serious about his sobriety and his duties as a father.

16. Another Possibility

Another Possibility
Of course, there's always the chance that Ryan simply isn't interested in settling into a more domesticated existence. His actions of the past few weeks seem to indicate that he still has plenty of oats to sow,

17. Acting Single

Acting Single
Ryan has been accused of contacting at least three separate women on Tinder in the past month. He made a profile for the app on which he posted a shirtless photo and falsely claimed to be 25 years olf.

18. Tough Times Ahead

Tough Times Ahead
The arraignment date for Ryan's latest arrest is currently unknown. Even if the latest charges against him are minor, Edwards may well be facing jail time or court-ordered rehab.

19. The Help He Needs

The Help He Needs
Fans aren't the only ones who are hoping that Ryan will see this latest rock bottom as a sign that he needs serious help. As bitter as the custody battle with her ex has been, Maci is reportedly committed to doing everything in her power to help Edwards get better.

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