Maci Bookout: Ryan Edwards Is Back on Drugs, and I Do NOT Want Him Around My Kid!

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For a while there, it looked as though Ryan Edwards had finally managed to turn his life around.

Following numerous arrests and multiple stints in rehab, it appeared that Edwards had managed to get sober with the support of his long-suffering wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan Edwards and fam

Now, however, there's reason to believe that Ryan has suffered yet another relapse.

Recent episodes of Teen Mom 2 have shown Maci Bookout alleging that Ryan is back on drugs.

In fact, Edwards' ex claims that he was intoxicated when he showed up to their son Bentley's recent birthday party.

The moment in question was captured by MTV cameras, and while fans were split on whether or not Ryan seemed high, Maci's not taking any chances.

Ryan E 4

"Bentley's birthday party was a couple weeks ago and I'm still concerned about Ryan's sobriety," Maci said in a voiceover during during a preview for clip for this week's episode.

"But I only allow Bentley to see him when he's with [his parents] Jen and Larry, so I know he's safe."

When Maci's husband, Taylor McKinney, asked how she felt about the possibility that Ryan was on drugs at Bentley's birthday party, she didn't mince words.

"In my opinion, he was 100% not sober," she said.

Ryan E 5

"He didn't look good."

"I wouldn't call you crazy if you thought that," Taylor replied.

"Part of that's just because it's happened so many times. It's not a knock on him. You have to think that way because it's your son."

To their credit, while both Maci and Taylor are suspicious of Ryan, they're also sympathetic, and they seem to genuinely want what's best for him.

Ryan E 7

Maci stated that she hoped she was "wrong about Ryan," leading Taylor to remark that it "feels like it's one step forward, two steps backward" with regard to Edwards' recovery efforts. 

"That's pretty much exactly what addiction and recovery is," Maci observed.

"It's always going to be this way, always."

Throughout Ryan's battle with addiction, Maci has taken an admirably enlightened view of her ex's ailment.

ryan e

She seems to understand that addiction is a medical issue, not a moral failing.

Furthermore, it appears that she genuinely wants her son to have a relationship with his father.

However, she knows that Bentley's safety needs to come first, and at the moment, she can't trust Ryan alone with the boy.

It's a sad situation that will hopefully reach some sort of resolution soon.

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