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We’re all happy to see 2020 come to an end, but Leah Messer is probably even more grateful than most to be welcoming a new year.

The past 12 months held many ups and downs for Leah, and she’s likely hoping that her next trip around the sun will be considerably less dramatic.

Unfortunately for Ms. Messer, it seems her 2021 has gotten off to quite a tumultuous start.

Simms, Messer, Calvert

As you may recall, Leah’s baby daddies, Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert clashed at last year’s reunion, and they publicly butted heads for several months afterward.

First, Calvert revealed to the world that he and Corey have never really seen eye to eye.

"We get along but I just don’t agree with a lot of shit," Jeremy said at the time.

Jeremy Calvert Returns
Photo via Instagram

From there, he delivered the ultimate low blow and accused Simms of failing to show up and support his daughter Ali, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, during her doctor’s appointments.

"You still can make an effort to go. I don’t give a f–k if its a two minute appointment, at least show your presence for your child," he said.

Calvert went on to claim that despite being forced to travel frequently for his work as a pipe fitter, he makes it to more of Ali’s appointments than her own father.

Leah & Jeremy: Together Again
Photo via Instagram

"Corey has a f–king great schedule, he works at home and he can take off whenever the f-k he wants to," Jeremy alleged.

Needless to say, relations between these two were quite rocky for several months afterward.

For the most part, they kept the peace as well as they could by simply steering clear of one another on social media.

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When it was revealed that they would be meeting face-to-face (via video conference, of course. This is still the age of Covid!) during this year’s reunion special, fans braced themselves for an epic battle.

What they got instead was a mutual effort to bury the hatchet and move on from the drama.

"I tweeted to the whole nation that I would be here this year, that’s why I’m here," Jeremy said upon making his (remote) entrance.

Jeremy Calvert Selfie
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For his part, Corey conceded that he "really overreacted to the whole situation" and "wasted too much energy on it."

"But, at the time, I was very angry," he said. "I didn’t have a chance to stick up for Miranda or for myself, so that struck a nerve."

Calvert adopted the same conciliatory tone and admitted that some of the comments he made were out of line.

Photo via Instagram

"Yeah, I overstepped my boundaries," he said.

"I reached out to Corey three weeks ago and we had a pretty decent conversation over the phone. I apologize for saying what I said."

Yes, it seems all that build-up was for naught, and these two squashed the beef well before they appeared on camera together.

At a time when it seems that no one agrees on anything, Corey and Jeremy are setting an example for us all.

Not only did they patch up their relationship for the sake of their kids, they didn’t take the opportunity to overshadow the really big news of the reunion: Chelsea Houska’s retirement from Teen Mom 2.

We know it’s early, but we’d like to go ahead and nominate these two as co-recipients for the title of Teen Mom Dads of the Year!