Jenelle Evans: It's Not My Fault I'm F--ked Up! I Had a Bad Childhood!

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Over the years, we've seen Jenelle Evans engage in just about every sort of awful behavior you can think of.

In fact, short of murdering a rival co-star, there's pretty no atrocity that Jenelle didn't commit on camera during her time as a star of Teen Mom 2.

Now, like the president she so greatly admires, Evans is trying to make it on her own after spending the past several years burning every bridge she came across.

Jenelle Evans In the She-Shed

As The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports, Jenelle posted a new YouTube video this week, and it's basically a 20-plus minute pro-Jenelle infomercial.

And as usual, Evans spends most of her screen time explaining how everyone else is responsible for all the bad things in her life.

“I really try not to bring it up but I am still trying to get over being traumatized and not knowing I was traumatized over these years,” she says at one point.

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk

“Now, my mind is starting to realize a lot from my past. And it’s been making me really upset lately. I’ve been trying to deal with these inner demons inside of me that keep being brought up.”

Hey, childhood trauma is a serious issue, and acknowledging it is the first step toward recovery.

That said, it's not a "get out of jail free" card, and it doesn't absolve you of every past sin.

The Easons Pic

Sadly, rather than looking at this revelation as the beginning of a long and difficult journey of self-improvement, it seems that Evans views it as an excuse to continue being awful.

Apparently, this self-reflection stems from the fact that Teen Mom 2 is now available on Netflix, which means that many of Evans' younger fans are beginning to realize just how much monstrous behavior she's responsible for.

"[People are] reaching out to me saying, ‘Oh, I’m so glad I can relate to you, you’ve changed so much, I’ve seen how hard in the seasons – Season 1 and 2 – I saw how hard you were trying to be a mom and your mom wouldn’t let you,’” she says.

Jenelle Evans on Instagram Live

“Or, I get the total opposite: ‘You’re a piece of s--t mom, I saw how you raised your son.’ They’re basically still trying to tell me that’s how I am today, which I’m not at all. I’m a completely changed different person," Evans continues.

“Just know that if I make you upset in those episodes, just know that I am a changed person now. I’m trying to continue sharing it all with you guys.”

After clarifying that no one is allowed to criticize her for anything she did in the past, Jenelle talks about her appearance on the This Family Tree podcast -- which was taken down once the hosts became aware of her horrible past.

Jenelle Podcast

“Let me tell you. I get enough publicity, and I don’t need any more if I don’t want it. You think I need your publicity for your podcast? No. With that being said, it made me really upset because I have been in a bubble since I left the show," she says.

“Now I just feel completely shut out again and I don’t know who to trust anymore.”

Jenelle is broke, which might prevent her from leaving the house and getting away from her kids as often as she would like.

Jenelle Evans and Daughter

But she's been trying to relaunch her career since the say she got fired, which is basically the opposite of living in a bubble.

Anyway, it seems that Jenelle's next step in trying to avoid getting a real job is launching a podcast of her own.

"I am my own person and I gotta schedule this all by myself so this is what we’re gonna do,” she tells her viewers.

Jenelle Evans Weight Loss Photo

“We’re gonna take a YouTube video of me cleaning out my shed and getting it prepared and ready to start my podcast," Evans continues.

"Maybe we’ll name it In the She-Shed or The Tea in the Shed or I don’t know, you guys leave some comments below of what we can name this podcast, we’ll see where this gets us.

“But you know, I’m a one-person army and I do this all myself so bear with me,” she says.

“It’s a lot of work I do and I tend to open up a lot of projects and do a lot of things at once and then I get all stacked up.” 

Jenelle spends the next 15 minutes or so painstakingly documenting her latest she-shed renovations.

She says the podcast she plans to film there will sometimes feature guests, and she may or may not have a co-host.

Jenelle Podcast 2

But whatever the case she promises pure, "unfiltered" Jenelle ... as though anyone was asking for that.

Oh, and don't worry, the She-Shed Show will also feature plenty of Jenelle's "TikTok dancing."

Folks, it sounds like we're in for another rough year.

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