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Jenelle Evans has never been that great at telling the truth.

The girl lies all the time, the way most people breathe – and so blatantly so that a lot of her tales don’t even make any sense.

Like remember when she left David Eason last year and she got a restraining order against him after claiming he was abusive?

Then remember a few months later when she went back to him and she said that no one had ever said he was abusive?

She says things publicly and then pretends like everyone – one big “Hater” Nation – is crazy for remembering what she said.

It’s bizarre.

If you agree, then this new interview she did is really doing to throw you for a loop, because it is just filled to the brim with fibs.

There’s a lot to go over here, so grab a hat, hold the eff onto it, buck your safety belts and let’s get started …