Jenelle Evans: MTV Never Fired Me! They Should've Fired That Hack Chelsea Houska!

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Jenelle Evans has never been that great at telling the truth.

The girl lies all the time, the way most people breathe - and so blatantly so that a lot of her tales don't even make any sense.

Like remember when she left David Eason last year and she got a restraining order against him after claiming he was abusive?

Then remember a few months later when she went back to him and she said that no one had ever said he was abusive?

She says things publicly and then pretends like everyone - one big "Hater" Nation - is crazy for remembering what she said.

It's bizarre.

If you agree, then this new interview she did is really doing to throw you for a loop, because it is just filled to the brim with fibs.

There's a lot to go over here, so grab a hat, hold the eff onto it, buck your safety belts and let's get started ...

1. Ugh

Jenelle Evans stopped filming for Teen Mom 2 last year, and since then, she hasn't gotten a whole lot of work.

2. She's an Influencer

She's an Influencer
She promotes a few random products on her Instagram, but whenever a major company decides to work with her, Teen Mom fans point out her long history of being a terrible person, and those companies quickly cut ties.

3. Hmmm

And all that is still just influencer stuff -- she hasn't gotten any major job offers since MTV let her go.

4. Oh Girl

Oh Girl
She's hinted several times at doing a TV show, but nothing has ever materialized, and we've never even heard any concrete details for anything like that.

5. Tough Break

Tough Break
And of course if anything like that did happen, Jenelle's haters would do their best to shut it down as quickly as possible.

6. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
And that's precisely what happened this week when Jenelle managed to get a spot on a podcast called This Family Tree.

7. Surprise!

Our girl has evidently learned from her mistakes, because she didn't announce the podcast appearance until after the episode was already live, so no one had a chance to cancel it before it even happened.

8. Too Bad, So Sad

Too Bad, So Sad
In the end, it didn't really matter -- the podcast pulled the episode shortly after posting it because the backlash was that swift.

9. So Much for Trying

So Much for Trying
In the comments on their Instagram, the people who run the podcast explained that they didn't want to give her a platform or endorse the things that she stands for, they just wanted to "ask pointed questions." They said that they've interviewed people they "didn't agree with" in the past, but that "there is a line when it comes to what kind of negativity we should sit down with; clearly that line is drawn here, and we should have made that distinction."

10. The Big Question

The Big Question
So what kind of negativity was expressed on the podcast?

11. Hooray!

Luckily for us all, The Ashley's Reality Roundup managed to transcribe the interview before it was pulled, and so we know all about the kind of nonsense Jenelle spewed there.

12. Here We Go

Here We Go
And it's ... well, it's a lot.

13. Dang Ol' MTV

Dang Ol' MTV
A lot of the interview seemed to be about MTV -- how she was fired but not really, how she wishes she could come back, that kind of thing.

14. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
As you probably know, MTV announced that they'd no longer be working with Jenelle last year after David brutally killed her French bulldog puppy, Nugget. That seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back though, because David had been making filming difficult for months at that point.

15. Um

Jenelle admitted on the podcast that she and MTV had been "butting heads" before she was fired, but that was because "I wanted to be so positive, and they didn’t want that…It wasn’t positive. It was always dramatic…"

16. Sure

“They would try to dig," she continued. "For a while, I let it slide. I’d let it go. I let them perceive me to the public the way they wanted to, but after a while we started butting heads."

17. The End

The End
"I think that’s when they were just done with me because I didn’t want to be portrayed like that anymore."

18. Same Difference

Same Difference
OK, but did MTV get tired of her because she was trying to be positive, or did crew members fear for their safety because David is an unhinged jackass who carries a gun with him everywhere he goes? Because we heard it was that second thing.

19. So Uncomfortable

So Uncomfortable
“Towards the end, I got really uncomfortable,” she complained. “They would put you in situations with the girls at the reunion show. I would always say I don’t want to go near them because we all don’t get along but they wanted that. It got to the point where I couldn’t trust who I was working with anymore."

20. Making Her Own Rules

Making Her Own Rules
“My voice wasn’t being heard when I did go to my boss and talk to her about it. It was kind of like everyone just turned against me because I was trying to make my own rules."

21. She's Not Alone

She's Not Alone
"My voice just doesn’t get heard," she repeated, "and I don’t feel like anybody else’s voice gets heard either. It’s not just me.”

22. So Unfair, Dude

So Unfair, Dude
“You try to voice your opinion and say, ‘Hey we should do this or do that’ and they really don’t listen,” she went on. “I hate to say that but they really don’t. I felt like at some times we were treated as puppets. There’s people who still complain about it now.”

23. They're Not All Bad!

They're Not All Bad!
She did add that “I don’t want to completely hate on them because they’re the ones that gave me my following. They’re the ones that got me to where I am today and I’m really grateful for that.”

24. Well, Jenelle ...

Well, Jenelle ...
It's just a strange thing to complain about because that's just how reality shows work, right? A network finds some people that are interesting enough to film, they film them living their lives, then they edit everything together in a way that makes for good TV.

25. It's So Easy

It's So Easy
All she had to do was live her messy life, let some people film it, then get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a season for it.

26. Ugh Again

Ugh Again
But as Jenelle revealed in this interview, she also had an issue with how much MTV paid her.

27. What a Hard Life

What a Hard Life
“When you try to negotiate to a new contract, they don’t listen," she said. "If you ask for a raise, they’ll give you, like, a 5 percent raise."

28. OK

"A lot of people think that we’re just all millionaires and we’re not. Our rate really doesn’t change."

29. How Odd

How Odd
Except in the early seasons, some of the moms were on welfare and now they're making, again, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per season, so probably the rate changes a little bit sometimes.

30. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
Even after all of that, she still had some complaints about MTV to share -- she claimed that “We’re kind of locked into a contract. I’m still locked into my contract, actually until March. That’s why I haven’t done anything."

31. Wild

She made the same claim later in the interview, saying “I’m still under contract until March, when I can think about speaking to any networks. I do have people lined up. It’s just, they don’t want to make other people mad. Because they talk to them too.”

32. What's the Lie?

What's the Lie?
It's interesting because back in February, Jenelle said "I'm officially out of contract with MTV in April. That was the only thing I was waiting on to move forward. Once April comes around, I can start talking to other networks, thank God!"

33. Confusing

That makes sense -- she stopped filming for Teen Mom 2 in April of 2019, so they probably had a non-complete clause that lasted a year. It doesn't make sense for MTV to go back and change the contract so that she isn't able to do another reality show for 23 months, which seems to be what she's saying now.

34. Hard to Say

Hard to Say
Did she forget that she made such a big deal about her contract ending earlier this year, or did she think everyone else forgot? The world may never know.

35. Whatever You Say, Jenelle

Whatever You Say, Jenelle
There's one part of her story that hasn't changed too much though -- she's still insisting that she was never fired.

36. ... Huh?

... Huh?
In Jenelle's world, MTV did not fire her, they let her go, and those are two different things.

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