Javi Marroquin: I May Be a Cheater, But I Am NOT a Hypocrite!

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Javi Marroquin is many things:

He's a father of two, and a former reality star. He's newly single, and yes ... Javi is a cheater (which is why he's newly single).

But is he a hypocrite?

Javi in Hot Water

That's the latest charge being leveled against Javi as a result of his recent Instagram activity.

It all started when Javi posted a pic in which he can be seen wearing two bracelets.

One of them reads "ENOUGH" (a bit dramatic, but Javi always has been), and the other says "JESUS."

Javi's Bracelet

Now, there's nothing all that unusual about someone expressing their religious views in friendship bracelet form.

After all, people using jewelry to express their love for a guy who preached about anti-materialism and the virtues of poverty is a weirdly common practice.

But critics have taken issue with Javi's particular belief system, as it seems to conflict with his choice of lifestyle.

In other words, by trying to have sex with Kailyn Lowry in a gas station parking lot while his fiance is at home raising his son, Javi isn't exactly practicing what he preaches.

Lauren and Javi Marroquin Pic

The pic made the rounds on various social media platforms, and many seized the opportunity to share what they really think about Javi.

“Ugh everything he does grosses me out lol," one commenter wrote on Reddit.

“Do you think Javi takes off his Jesus bracelet for trips to wawa?” another joked.

Javi Marroquin, Lauren Comeau and Family

“Did javi make himself a friendship bracelet from Jesus?” a third chimed in.

One person suggested that perhaps the bracelet is meant to serve as a “reminder” to Javi, so that the next time he's tempted by an ex, he might ask himself "WWJD?" instead.

Another noted that it might just be part of an attempt to rehabilitate his image, and noted that Javi isn't “foolin anyone.”

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are Engaged!

As Teen Mom fans will recall, Javi was outed in very public fashion after Kailyn called him out for attempting to hook up with her in Wawa parking lot while she was pumping gas.

"Oh, is that why you tried to f--k me on Tuesday? In the Wawa parking lot, while your girlfriend is home with your son?" Kail asked a producer on a recent episode of TM2.

Shortly after the episode aired, Javi was dumped by Lauren Comeau, his then-fiancee, and the mother of his second child.

Hug for Lauren

Marroquin has remained mostly silent on the matter in the months since, but Comeau has been throwing shade left and right.

While she never mentioned Javi by name, her passive-aggressive remarks make it very clear how she feels about her ex.

And she has every reason to be outraged.

After all, this is the second time that she caught Javi cheating on her.

The first took place under her own roof, when she was awakened by mysterious sounds and went downstairs to find Javi banging some rando in her bathroom.

Amazingly, she decided to give the relationship a second chance after that.

But this time, we doubt Jesus himself could talk Lauren into taking Javi back.

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