Jenelle Evans: I'm SUCH a Better Person Than I Used to Be, Dude!

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Jenelle Evans is an absolute mess.

You know it, we know it, everybody knows it.

Jenelle Evans In Gucci

She was a mess all the way back in the very first episode of Teen Mom 2, and she's still a mess all these years later.

It's just a constant state of being for her at this point.

OK, so now that we're thinking about Jenelle's life history, let's switch gears and talk about a recent development for our favorite reality show ...

Netflix started streaming the first couple of seasons of Teen Mom 2!

Teen Mom 2 After Show

That means that those of us who have seen the show can go back and relive its glory days, and it also means that a whole new audience is being exposed to it.

Do you see where we're going with this?

For the past few weeks, so many people have been watching or rewatching Jenelle lose custody of baby Jace to her mother.

They're seeing her steal her mom's credit card and run away with Kieffer, they're seeing her telling her lawyer that she can't go to jail because she has tickets to the Kesha concert -- that's why she got all those feathers in her hair, remember?

Jenelle Evans Meltdown

And with so many more people watching the show, so many more people are taking the time to reach out to Jenelle to let her know how awful she was.

Believe it or not, she doesn't love that.

"Please stop sending hate just because this is the first time you've seen TM2," she pleaded on Twitter.

"This was from 10 years ago," she continued. "I have grown a lot since then, learned lots of lessons, and hope all of you were able to relate."

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk

"Feel like I'm reliving everything all over again with the comments I receive."

It must not be fun for her to get negative comments, and as much as she might deserve them, they don't really serve a purpose.

But if she's really trying to say that she's a different person than she was back then ...


Jenelle is Cute

To be fair, some things have changed for the better.

As far as we know, she hasn't stolen from her mother recently, and she hasn't been arrested for a while.

She's also managed to stay away from heroin for several years now, which is sincerely an amazing achievement.

But in many, many other ways, things have remained the same.

Jenelle In Retouched Photo

She still doesn't have custody of Jace, she still smokes weed all the time, and while she and her mom get along now, that's a pretty recent development.

Her bad attitude hasn't changed one bit, and her taste in men has somehow gotten even worse.

Actually, a lot of things have gotten worse.

The early seasons of Teen Mom 2 never showed her doing things like chasing a stranger home after he cut her off in traffic and pulling a gun on him while her kid was in the car, for example.

Jenelle Is Very Angry

And just last year, she temporarily lost custody of her other kids, too.

She's the same person she was back then, she's just ramped things up, you know?

If people who just watched the show cared enough to reach out to her, they probably took the time to check out what she's been up to in the past few years, so it's kind of silly for her to pretend like she's grown and matured.

We all know the truth.

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