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If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve probably encountered concerns that the fourth season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation will be painfully boring.

Snooki has retired from reality TV; the cast was quarantined at a Vegas hotel all during shooting; Pauly D is on the wrong side of 40 (at least as far as all-night partying is concerned) …

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It’s not hard to see why fans are concerned that the show might once again live up to the nickname Jersey Bore.

Fortunately, there’s still a wild card in the deck.

We’re talking of course about the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island herself, Angelina Pivarnick.

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And whether you lover her or hate her, there’s no denying that Angelina knows how to deliver the drama.

In fact, Shore isn’t even filming right now, and Pivarnick is still giving fans plenty to talk about.

The latest comes to us from Angelina’s Instagram page, where she’s once again flaunting the results of her latest cosmetic procedure.

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Hey, Angie can spend her Shore earnings however she wants, and we respect her for the lack of shame in her game.

But when you’re as controversial as Angelina, you have to expect that a before-and-after photo of your butt implants is bound to attract some haters.

And to the surprise of absolutely no one, that’s exactly what happened.

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Angelina probably posted the pics as part of deal with her plastic surgeon in which she received either a deep discount or a freebie for shouting him out on her page.

Whatever the case, she’s clearly proud of the results, and the doc must be happy with his end of the deal, because Angelina penned a looooooong caption about how much she loves her new backside.

"I wanted to share these results with everyone.. For those of you that know me very well you know that I always like to be truthful and I love to tell it straight," she wrote.

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"I was a little weary to post this because sometimes people can be haters and say some mean and cruel comments on my page," Pivarnick continued.

"I am still a human at the end of the day so please if you have nothing nice to say refrain from saying it. I am human and I have cellulite like many people. I am not perfect," Angelina went on.

"These results from @tutelaps BANDAID BUTTLIFT are AMAZING!! This pic is after session number two. All together I had three sessions!

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"It took a few weeks to show results after each session. An updated picture is coming after all three sessions completed next week, Pivarnick continued (she’s really a fan of this procedure, in case you can’t tell).

"I cannot believe how amazing my new butt looks. I am not a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift so @tutelaps and I discussed injections and I’m sooo happy I did this," she added.

"He is amazing and he knew what would look best on me!! For anyone that is suffering from volume loss or hip dips and you don’t have enough fat to transfer to your butt then this is a great option for you!!"

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Some hip dip-sufferers were left a little confused about what exactly the procedure entails, so Angelina’s butt-sculptor, Dr. John Paul Tutela offered a more detailed explanation on his page.

“Sculptra is injected for a small volume butt lift or to fill in hip dips,”he wrote.

“It usually takes at least two to four treatments spaced six weeks apart.”

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Tutela also performed Angelina’s breast implant surgery in 2018.

Now, it seems like Pivarnick braced herself for negative comments about her backside, but what she probably didn’t expect is allegations that her husband, Chris Larangeira, had been unfaithful.

“This is why Chris cheats!!!!!! She’s a pig and he knows it,” wrote one follower.

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“Lmfaooooo. Chris doesn’t cheat [you] lowlife loser. Who is this? One of my ex friends I kicked outta my life because [you] were a junk box,” Angelina shot back. 

We guess that settles that!

Another follower accused Angelina of setting “yet another unrealistic beauty standard” with “dip hips.”

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Angelina kept her response technical, replying, “[You] mean HIP DIPS.”

Again, we guess she settled the score … although, to be honest, we’re not quite sure.

The real mystery here is why Angelina remains so hated.

Our best guess is that many Shore fans continue to blame Angelina for Snooki’s retirement.

The argument there is that if Angelina had not made such a big deal out of her castmates’ bridesmaids’ speech at her wedding, Snooks would still be on the show.

We guess that makes sense — but there are better places to voice your complaints than on the woman’s plastic surgery before-and-after pics.

After all, it couldn’t have been easy for Angelina to post these.