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It’s been a tumultuous few months for Angelina Pivarnick.

Back in October, Pivarnick married Chris Larangeira, but what should have been the happiest day of her life was marred by a bizarre turn of events that, in retrospect, she probably should’ve seen coming.

Angelina Pivarnick Wedding Photo

Angelina invited her Jersey Shore co-stars and an MTV camera crew to the fesitivities.

Mix those two ingredients together with an open bar, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

For reasons that remain bafflingly unclear, the female members of the Shore cast decided to roast Angelina at her own wedding.

In front of horrified guests, Snooki, JWoww, and Deena referred to Angelina as "trash," "sh-t," and "a dump" in a speech so insulting in

Angelina Pivarnick on the Shore

Angelina is still not speaking to Snooki and company, but it seems she has begun the process of moving on from that galling event.

And you know what they say … she who gets the boob job last laughs loudest.

Or something like that.

Anyway, Angelina revealed this week that she’s the proud owner of a new set of breast implants.

Angelina Pivarnick Boob Job Photo

“My boobies are my fave part of my body now thanks to @tutelaps,” she wrote in the caption to the above Instagram pic.

“Anyone looking for a doctor that knows what they are doing He’s your guy!!!”

As you can tell, Angelina is a big fan of her plastic surgeon/

“I never had one surgery in my life until this and let me tell you I would do it again because he’s that amazing. He makes you feel like family :)," she added.

Angelina Pivarnick in a Cap

"He even asked me what kind of music I wanted to hear before I went under anesthesia. That was the last thing I remembered till I woke up lol. Anyone that is nervous about surgery DO NOT worry," Pivarnick went on.

"Your results will speak for itself. Make your appointments today for consults and book with him. U will thank me later,” her lengthy caption continued.

“Thanks again doc,” Pivarnick (finally) concluded. “Hands of a god #bestplasticsurgeon #plasticsurgery #boobies #lookinggood #summertime2020 #cantwait #doctor #handsofagod #plasticsurgeon.”

So did Angelina get a discount for promoting the good doctor?

Angelina Pivarnick on Insta

Maybe — but it’s possible she’s just subtly sticking it to Nicole Polizzi.

You see, when Snooki got her boob job back in 2016, she also went to Dr. John Paul Tutela and listing her location as Barnabas Health Ambulatory Care Center in Livingston, New Jersey.

Maybe Angelina picked him because he’s just the best in the Garden State.

But we’re sure an added bonus was the fact that she knew it would annoy Snooki.

Snooki in Shock

As longtime Shore fans know, Snooks has repeatedly accused Angelina of biting with regard to everything from home decor to wedding themes

So why wouldn’t Pivarnick pick the same surgeon who touched up her best frenemies ta-tas?

“I live day by day, so I’m going to try to forget about the past,” Pivarnick said of Polizzi in a recent interview.

“My thing is, I forgive too many people too quickly. I’m going to stop doing that, so for 2020, that’s also a new thing. I’m going to keep my circle way smaller, you know? I think right now, all I need is my husband and my family and his family.”

Sounds like these two are a long way from a reconciliation.