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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (yes, that’s technically its name, three years into the revival) Season 3 is in the books.

It came to an on Thursday night, not only with a bang, but with a total and complete breakdown!

Snooki at the Wedding

Last week, the MTV hit aired the infamous speech by the bridesmaids at Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding.

You know, the one in which Snooki, Jenni and Deena decided it’d be cool to tear the bride apart on stage.

This week, we got to see the fallout from this incident on the season finale.

Angelina on Her Big Day

It also provided us with the concluding words from the speech, and we quote:

You’re the Rob to our Kardashians and you’re the stub to my toe.

You truly are the sister we needed in the house.

You’re the wild card we all learned to love.

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We are so happy for you and you truly met your match.

Chris, you definitely have your hands full, but you definitely know how to handle Angelina.

Let’s cheers to the dysfunctional, but perfect couple.

To Angeliner and Chris, we love you.

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Interestingly enough, Angelina actually seemed mostly fine with the speech while it was happening.

But then she witnessed how her husband and loved ones were reacting – and everything changed.

"You’re mad," she told Chris after he insited otherwise. "They shouldn’t have done that, I know."

From there, Angelina made her feelings known.

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"That was gross. I’m not happy. I was laughing at first but then I looked at you and then it kept going on and on," she said to them.

"That was so f-cked up."

Angelina proceeded to go off in a confessional, saying  she could tell Chris was "extremely hurt" after the roast "about his wife."

On his wedding day, no less!

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"It’s the wrong place, the wrong time," Pivarnick explained. "You don’t do this at somebody’s wedding."

"I’m allowed to joke around about myself, how dare you do this on my wedding night?"

"The one day of my life I wanted it to be normal. Who are you to go up there on my wedding day and call me those names."

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"It’s not just hurtful toward me, it’s hurtful toward my husband," she said.

"It’s a nightmare, literally, it’s a nightmare."

The angry bride then stormed out of her own reception, yelling at the production team and telling them to stay away from her.

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"That’s so distasteful what they just did," she vented to a producer.

"I’m never going to film again, I’m done."

Angelina demanded the camera crew get "out of my f–king face" and could only be calmed down by Chris, agreeing to go back inside after ripping off her microphone.

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Jenni, Snooki and Deena, meanwhile, didn’t understand what they had done wrong.

"We’d never intentionally try and ruin someone’s wedding, especially hers," Jenni told some of Angelina’s other bridesmaids.

The men, for their part, simply thought the jokes didn’t land and raised Angelina’s spirits again by getting down with her on the dance floor.

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As the reception died down, Deena tried to talk to Angelina and apologize.

"We weren’t trying to hurt your feelings," she said to a very displeased bride.

"Just don’t. That was very distasteful. They can all go f–k themselves," Angelina snapped in response.

"It was so disgusting. Just go! I want you out of my life. Everybody."

Angelina Pivarnick on MTV's Jersey Shore

As previously spoiled on The Hollywood Gossip, a drunk Deena then lost her f–king s–t.

"I need a drink! After what just happened, that was f–king nuts," she screamed, in tears.

"I’m letting everybody know, right now, here, I will never film with her again!"

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"She doesn’t know how to have a relationship with people," Deena continued.

"I’ve done nothing but been good to the girl. Me and Angelina."

"I’m done. I’m done, I’m gonna go home."

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Deena took it far with this statement. But then Snooki took it a lot farther.

"I’m quitting I think," she said on air. "I think this is it. This is not fun."

In a confessional, the veteran star grew even more emotional.

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"’Jersey Shore’ is literally my life," Snooki said. "Like, I never would have met my best friends."

"The fact that it has to end like this for me, it really sucks."

Is Snooki really gone? It seems that way.

Will Angelina ever make up with her alleged quote-unquote friends? Is this the end of the show as we know it?

As we head into a lengthy hiatus, Pauly D summed up the state of the show and the group very well:

"I honestly don’t know what will happen. The family is torn apart right now."