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These days, Kim Kardashian gets more attention when she’s getting brutally memed for being out of touch than for KUWTK.

But while she is happy to put her family’s show behind her, one member of the family isn’t ready to quit.

Scott Disick Turns Serious

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is coming to an end after 20 seasons.

While that series finale is still a ways off, the Kardashians were quick to control the narrative, insisting that it was a family decision.

But some members of the family are offering up a dissenting opinion … quietly.

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According to what an inside source tells Us Weekly, Scott Disick wanted to keep kicking the ol’ dead horse as long as it kept spitting out money.

“Scott was especially upset about the show ending," the insider characterizes.

While stars like Kim and Kylie have vastly eclipsed the show in terms of fame, some of the secondary and tertiary stars are better recognized from TV. Scott is one of them.

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Of course, the same report includes a reminder that the end of the series could not have come at a more natural time.

"20" is a nice, round number, even if this nightmare of a year has made it more than a little ominous.

But KUWTK has been renewed in multi-season chunks for years, and this was a natural place to say "that’s enough."

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“The show ended because their contract was up," the source explains.

"So," the insider continues, "they either needed to re-sign or call it."

The source says that they talked it over “and it just seemed perfect timing to do it at season 20.”

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In September, Kim was the one who broke the news.

The show’s 20th season will be its last, though of course the series finale will air in 2021.

Kim acknowledged that it was a "difficult decision" but one made by the family, as they had concluded that it was time.

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Reports say that the stars were fatigued with the extensive hours of filming that a reality show entails.

Many do not realize this, but even just one day of filming can go on for a dozen hours or more.

Two of Kris’ daughters are now in their forties. All of Kris’ children except for the ever-relatable Kendall are parents.

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They have better things to do, in other words, than film for cameras when their show’s ratings have been in general decline for years.

What’s more is that there is less incentive to film now.

The Kardashian fortunes have been mounting for the past dozen years, but they have reached a point at which even the show’s massive payday is no longer worth it.

Scott Disick Has His Own Show

As Kim has noted, she can make more money from a single Instagram post than she can from a season of the show.

Social media advertising pays big because people see it and pay attention.

In contrast … when was the last time that you saw a commercial on an actual television? Maybe it was recently. For me, it was in August of 2019.

Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian Plot Together

So, understandably, a single Kardashian getting paid for a Twitter endorsement means a bigger payday than E! paying them from commercial revenue.

That’s great for Kim and Kylie and likely for Khloe, Kourtney (who was done with the show anyway), and Kendall.

But for the Corey Gambles of the show, it’s probably a lot less convenient. That may be what Scott is feeling.

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Now, Scott is a major DILF and a genuine celebrity, but we can understand how he would be less enthused to turn to Instagram for money.

Remember just a few years ago when he accidentallly just copy/pasted the word-for-word instructions for an advertisement into his Instagram captions?

That embarrassing moment is hard to forget, and people think of it every time that he tries to sell them something.