Kailyn Lowry: Selling Nudes Online Just Weeks After Giving Birth?

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Let us begin by saying there's no shame in online sex work, and single moms in particular should be encouraged to supplement their incomes in any way they see fit.

That said, if Kailyn Lowry decides to follow in Farrah Abraham's footsteps and enter the world of adult content, the decision probably won't do any wonders for her reputation with Teen Mom fans.

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As you're probably aware, Lowry welcomed her fourth child earlier this month.

A known fitness fanatic, Kailyn was flaunting her postpartum figure in a sports bra just days later.

And now, it seems she may have been doing so in order to tease even more revealing content.

Kailyn Lowry Baby Bod

As fans on Reddit have pointed out, Kail has been advertising her OnlyFans page on Instagram.

Now, before we go any further, it's important for us to note that OnlyFans is a site where content creators can sell any kind of exclusive content directly to fans.

That said, it's used almost exclusively for peddling nudes, sex tapes, and other adult material.

Kailyn Lowry Introduces Creed

So is Lowry posing nude again in hopes of boosting her income following the birth of baby Creed?

She hasn't said either way -- in fact, thus far her posts about her OnlyFans page seem to be intentionally vague.

But Kail's critics on Reddit seem convinced that she's headed for the world of hardcore p0rn and live-streaming sex shows currently populated by Farrah.

Kail OnlyFans

The worst of them are using this as an opportunity to engage in abject body-shaming, while the more reasonable critics are pointing out that Kail is probably doing well enough financially that she can afford to take a few weeks simply focus on her kids.

"She’s so f--king desperate for attention. Maybe get off your phone and pay a little attention to your kids, especially NEW BORN, for once. Damn," one redditor wrote.

"Go schedule your four kids' weekends with their dads or sniff your friggin newborn's head or something," another added.

Kail OnlyFans 2

"Better yet, book a therapy appointment. Anything but this.

"My read of this: baby number 4 didn’t bring in nearly as much tabloid money as she was anticipating, a third chimed in, adding:

"It’s allll about the Benjamin’s for kail."

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Other fans echoed the belief that Kail has overextended herself financially, and now that she's welcomed a second child with a man who has no visible means of income, she has no choice but to seek out additional revenue streams.

"This is why you shouldn't spend money like it's never gonna stop coming," one commenter wrote.

"Or keep reproducing with no job/skill/talent/long term plan," another replied.

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"There's no way she could support her lifestyle without TM money and I think she knows that," yet another commented.

"We all know the gravy train is teetering right now."

Others are convinced that as Teen Mom ratings decline, and the show's original fan base ages out of it, Kail has become desperate for attention.

Kailyn and 2 Sons

"Her constant need for attention is so f--king vile. She needs to shut her social media down and focus on all her damn kids," one critic wrote.

"Because Farrah got the article in the Ashley about her OnlyFans? Keeping up with Farrah? Who knows!" another offered, referring to the media coverage of Farrah's OnlyFans page.

It remains to be seen what sort of content Kail will post on her OnlyFans page, but clearly, her decision to work with the site at all has already generated controversy.

Kailyn L

It's possible that this is all just a stunt to generate free publicity for Kail's podcast and other projects.

Or perhaps she's planning to offer exclusive content via OnlyFans that has nothing to do with sex or nudity.

Whatever the case, it seems a sizable chunk of the Teen Mom 2 viewing population has already made up its mind about Kail's latest venture.

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