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Kailyn Lowry has decided to set an awful example for new mothers everywhere.

We’re sorry.

But there’s really no other way to put it.

Photo via Instagram

In a photo she posted online this weekend, the Teen Mom 2 cast member donned a pair of bike shorts and a sports bra and flaunted her body… just two weeks after giving birth to her fourth son.

The 28-year-old shared the photo on Saturday in response to a fan via a Q&A session on Instagram Stories.

“Hey boo. May you please vlog again on YouTube with the boys. I miss y’all,” this individual wrote, prompting Lowry to shoot back:

“Yes! I will try. Once I’m cleared to work out I was going to try to vlog through my fitness journey! If I can find an editor to help with videos, I’ll do that!"

Kailyn Lowry is Pro-Placenta

Lowry welcomed a son named Creed back on July 30.

We’re incredibly happy for her and we’ve always been very supportive of Kailyn as a mother.

She may not have the greatest taste in men (no offense, Chris Lopez. Actually… yes, take a ton of offense, dude.), but Lowry has always seemed like a dedicated and loving mother.

So we’re not about to hurl any shade in her direction over having a quartet of kids by the age of 28.

Kailyn Lowry Introduces Creed

We are, however, gonna point out how unhealthy it is for celebrities to flaunt their postpartum figures in the way Kailyn did this weekend.

It makes it seem as though shedding those pregnancy pounds is all that matters after one becomes a parent and it sets an unfair example to other women out there — nearly all of whom don’t have the money to afford a personal trainer or chef.

If a woman gives birth and then wants to quickly get back in shape?

Cool. Go for it.

Kailyn Lowry, Placenta Drink
Photo via Instagram

If a wooman gives birth and then is overwhelmed by parenthood and simply doesn’t have the time or the drive to concern herself with her diet or her workout regimen?

Cool. Makes complete sense.

There’s no right or wrong action here.

Except when it comes to famous women going out of their way to alert followers to the condition of their post-baby body.

Kailyn Lowry Family Pic
Photo via Instagram

Anyway. We digress.

Kailyn has talked candidly about her son and his delivery in the days since his arrival.

Most notably, Lowry confessed to giving Creed the last name Lopez because she hopes it will inspire her third baby daddy to get his act together.

Hopefully, however, Kailyn isn’t holding her breath for this to happen.

Kailyn Lowry with Some Kids

“This is another attempt of me trying to give [Chris] a chance to step up as a dad," Lopez said on the latest edition of her podcast.

She added last Thursday:

"Nothing I do is going to change someone else’s behavior; however I feel this is me giving him another chance to, like, not argue about the last name and try to be there.”

Kailyn on Teen Mom Two

Lopez, as it turns out, actually was present for Lowry’s home delivery late last month.

“My entanglement with Chris is so complicated … and I want to do the right thing,” Lowry said on this same podcast.

“I know there have been periods of time where I felt he doesn’t deserve to have his last name passed down, but also at the same time, I don’t know.

"Maybe I should have just hyphenated both of them and called it a f–king day."