Hannah Ferrier Reacts to Below Deck Firing: I'm Not Some Addict!!

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Hannah Ferrier has been forced to sail away from Below Deck Mediterranean.

Not by her own volition, that much is certain.

Hannah Ferrier

After bosun Malia White reported the franchise's veteran chief stewardess for having unregistered Valium and a vape pen in her possession on the vessel, Captain Sandy Yawn fired Ferrier from The Wellington crew on Monday night's episode of this Bravo program.

In an interview with Decider, Ferrier made it clear she wasn't satisfied with the way things played out.

"You can see on my face when she opens that bathroom door," she said, adding of what transpired before her ousting:

"My pants are undone. I'm going to the bathroom. I'm like, why would I flush my medication? It wouldn't have crossed my mind to flush Valium, because I don't think I'm doing anything wrong.

"It's anti-anxiety medication. It's like, it's five milligrams of Valium! It was just disappointing."

Hannah Ferrier Picture

On Twitter, Ferrier emphasized that the Valium was "prescribed" and the CBD product is "legal in Spain."

And yet... she admitted to E! News that "of course" she regrets not disclosing the drugs prior to getting caught.

"If I could do it all over again, I would've just declared them as soon as I came on board," the Below Deck Med OG told this outlet.

"It was definitely not something that was intentional. I wasn't trying to hide anything."

ferrier tweet

Is she a drug addict?

Heck no, Hannah insists, explaining that she always carries her anti-anxiety medication with her.

In regard to how the drama has been depicted on the show? Hannah is angry that Captain Sandy implied that she wasn't safe to go to sea.

"This is Maritime law, it is called the No Tolerance Law, we have to be drug free," Captain Sandy said on the episode.

"If I didn't address this and something, god forbid, happened, I would be taken to jail, the boat would be incarcerated and I would lose my license. What she has done is illegal."

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For the record:

Maritime law stipulates that crew members must check medications in with the captain, and Ferrier acknowledges she "made the mistake of not clearing it" with Yawn.

"When I travel, I check whether CBD is legal in the country that I'm going into," she told Decider.

"So yeah, I had checked that CBD was legal in Spain, and it is. Once again, I genuinely didn't think that there was anything. I didn't know I was doing something wrong."

Hannah Ferrier on Bravo

Ferrier, of course, is pregnant with her first baby.

She says Captain Sandy reached out for her address to send a gift, but there's only one thing Hannah wants from him.

"Unless you're sending me my career back, I'm really not interested," she told E!.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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