Kailyn Lowry Shares Intimate Photos of Baby's Birth; Chris Lopez Blocks Her on Social Media

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Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her fourth child, a son she named Creed, a couple of weeks ago.

And since then, things have honestly been kind of weird.

Maybe it's because it's her fourth child, maybe it's because of her seriously strained relationship with Creed's father, Chris Lopez.

But whatever's been going on, Kail pushed all of it aside to answer some questions about what it was like to have a home birth with Creed.

SHe also shared some photos of the experience!

And Chris ... well, you know, there's bound to be some drama ...

1. Let's Go

Let's Go
Kailyn's pregnancy with her fourth child has been a wild ride from start to finish.

2. The Drama

The Drama
Literally, it was rocky since the conception, just because of how volatile her relationship with Chris Lopez has always been.

3. Oh No

Oh No
Right around the time she became pregnant, he was arrested and she got an order of protection against him -- she later claimed it was because he'd choked her.

4. Um

That wasn't even the first time she's made allegations about him being abusive -- in one of her books, she wrote that he'd broken into her home and on another occasion, he broke a window in her bedroom.

5. Wow

Chris was arrested again in January, shortly after she announced the pregnancy, for violating the order of protection.

6. For Real Though

For Real Though
Look, at this point we've probably written millions of words about how incredibly toxic Kailyn's relationship with Chris is, so you're probably familiar with it all. If not, just know that it's awful but they still share two children.

7. Baby Time

Baby Time
And now that we're refreshed on the bumpy beginning of this pregnancy, let's jump to the end -- that's the part we don't know too much about yet.

8. Welcome, Creed!

Welcome, Creed!
We do know that she had a home birth, and it happened on July 30th. She said that everything went fine, that everyone was healthy and happy and good, and that she really enjoyed the experience.

9. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Chris has been around, and some are even speculating that they're back together for the moment, which is ... well, it's something else, that's for sure.

10. That's About It

That's About It
That's all we know about the birth, and really that's all we need to know, right?

11. Oh ...

Oh ...
But still, Kailyn has a lot more to say about it.

12. Surprise!

Yep, Kailyn's gone and done another Instagram Q&A with her followers ... and along with answering some questions, she shared some seriously intimate photos of her in labor and immediately after.

13. Lux the Doula!

Lux the Doula!
The first question was about whether or not she had a doula, someone whose job is to support the mother during the birth, and she said that she didn't, "But Lux did a good job applying counter pressure." And it looks like the kid is really putting in some work there, doesn't it? (Also note the feet in the background, because they'll be important later.)

14. Bad News

Bad News
Someone asked her to compare Creed to how her other boys were as newborns, and she revealed that he has colic, which pretty much just means that he's extremely fussy. She shared a pitiful photo of him crying while her dog supervises as proof.

15. Interesting!

She posted a precious photo of him sleeping when someone asked if she thinks he looks like her or Chris -- she answered "Neither." Believe it or not, some people think he actually looks like Javi, but that's a theory for another day.

16. That You, Chris?!

That You, Chris?!
The next post wasn't all that interesting -- she said that he weighed eight pounds and 15 ounces at birth, which she's said before, but the photo she used was of a faceless man weighing the baby, and we're pretty sure that's Chris.

17. Love from Lux

Love from Lux
When asked about her birth plan, she said "It was hard -- but nothing worth having comes easy. It was an experience I'll never forget."

18. Recommendations?

And when asked if she'd recommend a home birth over a hospital birth, she said "I recommend whatever the mom feels is right for her. I learned sooooo much from my midwife & learning to listen to my own body. I wish more moms knew they can birth in a hospital on their own terms."

19. Water Birth?

Water Birth?
In another post, she said that "I envisioned giving birth in my bed and that's exactly what happened," and she shared a photo of herself -- you guessed it! -- giving birth in her bed.

20. Staying Home

Staying Home
One of her followers asked if she and Creed went to the hospital to be checked out after he was born, but she said "We had no reason to be seen in the hospital after." And look at what a sweet picture!

21. Oh Dang

Oh Dang
Along with some tips about giving birth without an epidural, she shared another photo taken of her while she was in labor. As for the tips, she wrote "I honestly believe I was able to cope with the pain because I was not hooked to an IV and attached to a bed. I coped by moving when I was contracting. I went from using the labor ball, leaning over the couch, I would walk through the contractions -- right before I got into my bed to push I was on all 4s (LOL) -- I say all this to say -- wait as long as you can to go to the hospital." And who's hand is that on her thigh here?

22. Awww

She then said that she was in labor for about nine hours -- but look at the photo! This has to be so soon after Creed was born.

23. Concerns

But after seeing the previous photo, someone asked if he was OK because the baby was a bit purple. Kailyn shared another photo where you can see that more clearly, and she said "We had a scary moment when he was delivered but everything ended up being ok." On her podcast, she explained this more -- he wasn't breathing when he was born, and the midwife had to intervene to get him going.

24. So Much Sass

So Much Sass
But whatever you do, please don't assume that she has a nanny helping her out with all these kids -- after being asked about it, she said "People love to assume. I do NOT have a nanny. If I did, I promise you I would have lashes, nails, and makeup on every day."

25. Creeeed

Along with another sweet picture of baby Creed, she answered a question about his race -- she said that he's "black, white & Mexican." (And yeah, "Mexican" isn't a race, but that's what she's going with, OK?)

26. Ouch

And while she didn't have any kind of pain meds during labor, she said that she "didn't scream at all." Based on the photos she shared, it looks like she just really focused on her breathing.

27. The Look

The Look
But instead of focusing on all the baby pictures and all the information, someone noticed her outfit above all else -- so she shared a full-body photo of it!

28. Hanging in There

Hanging in There
She wrapped things up with a selfie, and when someone asked if being a mother of four was more exhausting than being a mother of three, she wrote "I've been hanging in there. But I am tired today."

29. Things to Note

Things to Note
So that's fun, right? It seems like she had a nice experience, and she shared a ton of photos of the new baby -- she also offered some evidence that Chris is back in the picture.

30. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
But Chris did a little Q&A of his own, and he has some things he'd like to clear up.

31. Such Confusion

Such Confusion
Someone asked if it was really him in the photos that Kailyn shared -- remember, we told you they'd be important later! He answered "I have no clue what y'all are talking about .. and this like the third time I seen this question."

32. Classic

And when someone explained what those questions were about, he said "I had no clue they were answering questions posting pics or anything... I blocked everything associated to TM.. so I was really clueless (but what's new)."

33. SOS

In addition to admitting he has Kailyn blocked on social media, he also revealed that he's not doing so hot with how public everything has been.

34. Current Situations, Huh?

Current Situations, Huh?
Chris said that the one thing he wished people would stop asking him about is "Anything about Lolo," which we're guessing is his nickname for Creed, "and his birth, they clearly told y'all already ... but due to certain situations I'm not answering anything related to that topic."

35. No Denying

No Denying
After posting that, he did go back and delete the other questions about Kailyn, but then he posted this last one -- people have been saying that Creed doesn't look like he has dark enough skin to be his child, but he's not having it. "Ummm, at one point Lux looked white," he said, posting a photo of Lux as a baby as proof. "Y'all do know his mother is a white woman, right? Is it abnormal for a white woman to birth a white skinned baby?"

36. Whoa

And there we have it -- now you're completely up to date on the comings and goings of Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez.

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