Farrah Abraham Is Desperate For Cash, Will Do ANYTHING to Avoid Getting a Real Job

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The women of Teen Mom have experienced very unusual career arcs.

They essentially stumbled into fame before they were out of high school, but now, many of them are several years past their peak - which is a problem, 'cause they're still in their twenties.

Now, that's a narrative that could be used to describe many former child stars across the entertainment world, but the Teen Mom franchise and its cast members are different, because:

1. They didn't hit the big time because of any special talent;

2. This is 2020, where no one ever stops being famous.

Yes, thanks to the magic of social media and their ability to produce content on so many useless channels, people like Farrah Abraham are still around, finding themselves in a strange spot.

She's still famous, after all, but the fame no longer pays.

With no discernible life skills to fall back on, how does an unemployed D-lister like Farrah pay the bills?

Well, as you might've suspected, these days, the Backdoor Teen Mom needs to get very creative.

In order to support her lifestyle, she's willing to go to lengths you wouldn't believe. Take a look:

1. Hard Times

Hard Times
Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom OG back in 2017. In the years since, it hasn't always been easy for the mother of one to earn a living ...

2. Free Farrah

Farrah was the first of the franchise's main stars to be let go, and she seemed to be the one who was in the best position to make it on her own.

3. Hear Us Out

Hear Us Out
We know, we know ... she's not exactly beloved. But in terms of business ventures, Farrah always had a lot of irons in the fire.

4. Spread Too Thin?

Spread Too Thin?
And ironically, it was one of those side hustles that wound up costing Farrah her main gig on TMOG.

5. Paid Through the Backdoor

Paid Through the Backdoor
As you're probably aware, Farrah supplemented her MTV income by working in the world of adult entertainment.

6. A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born
When it first came out, Farrah's p0rn debut -- memorably titled Backdoor Teen Mom -- was something of a controversial work.

7. The "Leak"

The "Leak"
Farrah insisted that the she had only made a sex tape and did not intend for it to go public.

8. Minor Details

Never mind the fact that the footage was shot by a camera crew, and Farrah's "boyfriend"/co-star was actually adult film actor James Deen.

9. New Beginnings

New Beginnings
In any event, the skin flick kicked off a whole new career for Farrah.

10. Cam Mom

Cam Mom
Shortly thereafter, she started hosting live-streamed online sex shows for the website Cam Soda.

11. Low Note

Low Note
Soon, Farrah's other side hustles -- including her hilariously short-lived music career -- were taking a backseat to her adult entertainment career. She was now a reality star/p0rn star.

12. Kicked Out the Backdoor

Kicked Out the Backdoor
That was when Farrah's Teen Mom bosses decided to draw a line in the sand. They fired Farrah on the grounds that her sex work conflicted with MTV's ethics.

13. The Truth?

The Truth?
Of course, there are those who say the network and the show's producers were simply tired of dealing with Farrah, and they used her adult film career as a flimsy pretext to fire her.

14. Jet-Setting Call Girl?

Jet-Setting Call Girl?
And then there are those who claim Farrah was doing much more than online sex work -- namely, that she was traveling the world as a high-priced escort, and THAT'S why MTV gave her the boot.

15. Always Hustling

Always Hustling
We may never know for sure if Farrah was making big bucks meeting with wealthy CEOs, but we do know that at the height of her mini-empire, she had several revenue streams bringing in the cash.

16. Frozen Assets

Frozen Assets
A frozen yogurt chain, a clothing retailer, a series of erotic novels -- you name it, Farrah dipped her beak in it.

17. All in the Family

All in the Family
Ms. Abraham even got her daughter in on the family business, opening a children's boutique and making Sophia CEO.

18. The Master

The Master
Farrah thought so highly of her business acumen that she even hosted an online Master Class for beginner entrepreneurs. We're guessing it was sparsely attended

19. The Grifter

The few who did pay to hear Farrah prattle on about profit margins probably realized very quickly they wouldn't be getting their money's worth.

20. Farrah Fails

Farrah Fails
We don't know if she sounded clueless in the class (though that's a very safe bet), but she did launch the seminar right around the time all her businesses started going under.

21. The End

The End
Within a year, Farrah's yogurt chain, clothing store, and kids' boutique all closed their doors for good.

22. Hard Times, Part 2

Hard Times, Part 2
We have no way of knowing exactly how much she lost on those ventures, but you can assume it was a lot.

23. The Fighter

The Fighter
In the year since, Farrah has attempted stunts like celebrity boxing matches, but she usually ruins the deal by demanding more money and amenities than she's worth.

24. The Future

These days, Farrah is trying to forge a career for herself as an influencer, and once again, she's bringing her 11-year-old daughter in on the act.

25. A Born Hustler

A Born Hustler
There's much debate as to whether she's still escorting, and it seems that she still hosts the occasional online sex show.

26. On Her Grind

And while all that's going on, you can be certain she has her eye out for the next big score.

27. The Easy Life

The Easy Life
After all, the alternative is getting a real job, and there's no way Farrah is doing that.

28. UPDATE: A New Low

The thing about Farrah is, every time you think she's hit rock bottom, she does some serious tunnelling and shows you that she's capable of going even lower.

29. Shameless

In recent weeks, Farrah has shown that she has literally no shame and will do whatever it takes to pay her bills without doing any actual work.

30. An Innocent Victim

An Innocent Victim
Sadly, several of her recent ploys have involved her daughter Sophia, who, at age 11, is already being made to endlessly promote herself on social media.

31. Anything For a Buck

Anything For a Buck
Some of these stunts -- such as Sophia releasing a pop song -- are pretty harmless. While others -- such as having the girl dance provocatively on camera -- are undoubtedly harmful.

32. It Gets Worse

It Gets Worse
Despite all of that nastiness, the desperate Farrah behavior that's been earning the most attention in recent weeks has nothing to do with Sophia. Though it will probably traumatize the girl when she finds out about it ...

33. Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild
Ms. Abraham recently released a series of services that she'll perform on camera for the right price. These apparently include pooping on cam for 100 bucks.

34. Down the Drain

Down the Drain
We'd like to say Farrah has officially hit rock bottom. But as she's shown us many times in the past, she's just one flush away from going even lower.

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